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Would You Believe Our Family Is Watching the Kardashians This Summer? And That's Not All...
July 2, 2011  | By Jane Boursaw
americas-got-talent-landau.jpgSummer means sunny days on the beach, excursions to the Cherry Bowl Drive-In, and, of course, plenty of TV time! Sometimes we'll check out new shows, but more often than not, we're watching new seasons of old favorites. Here's a look at five shows we're watching this summer...

1. America's Got Talent. This is must-see TV for us, partly because of all the personalities, from the judges to the contestants to Nick Cannon, and partly because we love it when a humble person blows us away with talent.

Top favorites so far: 11-year-old Anna Graceman, Silhouettes, and "dreadlocked Frank Sinatra" Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. (shown above).


2. The Casey Anthony Trial. Just when you think this case can't get any weirder, it does indeed get much weirder.

Between rumors of George Anthony's affair, Cindy Anthony's alleged chloroform searches, and the possibility that Casey's brother might be Caylee's dad, it's reality TV in its truest form.

And, of course, at the heart of it, our heart breaks every time we see a photo of sweet little Caylee.

3. Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I know it's not hip to like this show, but my daughter and I are kind of obsessed.

kim-kardashian-butt-xray.jpgWe've been watching it since the beginning, and we feel like we know the Kardashians. There are even some valuable life lessons to be learned, like the importance of working hard (Kim), salvaging a broken relationship (Kourtney), and lightening the mood (Khloe). [At right. Kim displays an x-ray of her butt, to prove the absence of implants.]

I must admit, though, we usually have to retreat upstairs to watch it, because otherwise, the snipes from the guys in this house drown out the show.

4. America's Next Top Model. Tyra-Future.jpgWe watch this show only when the marathons run on Oxygen, and though they'll never admit it, even the guys get caught up in the personalities and challenges.

I confess that I tend to think modeling can't be that hard, but as host Tyra Banks reminds the contestants, it's all about getting the poses right, bringing life and energy to your face, and knowing how to work with the designers, photographers and creative directors.

And then there's the fact that when the models wake up in the morning, they look pretty much like the rest of us.

5. Dual Survival. My son and I never miss this Discovery Channel show, and we're geeked that it got picked up for a third season.

There's something so compelling about the odd couple of primitive survivalist Cody Lundin and ex-military guy Dave Canterbury getting dropped off in rugged locations throughout the globe.

And we really love all the Codyisms, like, "Rat is a lot like duck, only with a wonderfully nutty flavor."


I'm not sure I'd ever eat a rat, or wrap a peed-on scarf around my head to stay cool, but if the alternative was perishing in a slow, painful death, then yeah, I'd probably go there.

What's everyone else watching this summer? Any favorites to pass along?




tori said:

I am sooooo ashamed of myself. I admit it; I have been watching coverage of the Casey Anthony trial from the last six weeks. There, I said it. Okay, I don't watch EVERY minute but enough to make me feel like I need to do penance. Why? I think because I find myself getting caught up in the reality TV mode, completely forgetting that so much is at stake here. We're not talking about people eating disgusting living things on sticks or narcissistic young women parading their ample derrieres in front of the world for fun and profit. This is really real. It's about a murdered toddler, her anguished, broken grandparents and her young mother who may or may not be guilty and who may or may not be profoundly mentally unstable. This "show" has devastatingly real consequences. A child is dead, a family has been destroyed, and a young woman may die if convicted. It doesn't get much realer than that.

Comment posted on July 5, 2011 1:35 PM

Alexandra said:

May check out Dual Survival, but I feel very disillusioned with TV for the most part. I wish you would do a post about TV News Worth Watching. The pickings are really slim there, too.

Comment posted on July 8, 2011 1:42 PM

Jane Boursaw said:

Tori - I so agree. Maybe it's that "train wreck" thing where we can't look away. I may have to start watching truTV when all is said and done. I find myself obsessed with true crime at the moment, especially a case like this that just gets more and more unbelievable with each passing day.

And I'm sure this particular case will go on for a while. For one thing, she'll be free as a bird (well, sort of) in something like ten days. And I just heard on the news that the person with the same name as her made-up nanny is planning on suing her. Look away, Jane!

Comment posted on July 8, 2011 8:12 PM

Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said:

I haven't watched ANTM in aaaages but maybe catching up with a marathon will get me back in the saddle. Still worth it, you say?

Comment posted on July 10, 2011 6:00 PM

MyKidsEatSquid said:

We're DVRing old Home Improvement episodes. And my teenager is discovering Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Comment posted on July 11, 2011 9:28 AM
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