FAQs and Answers...

With TV Worth Watching Founder and Editor David Bianculli.

Why a TV WORTH WATCHING website?

In the summer of 2007, while covering the Television Critics Association TV press tour for the New York Daily News, it became increasingly clear that the paper's plans for future TV coverage did not, let's say, coincide with my own. In talking with friends out there in Hollywood about what I should do next, one person said I should start a website. (Thanks, Mark Tinker!) Then another person suggested it, and another, until it almost seemed like a good idea.

Who are these others contributing to the website?

For the most part, they're TV critics and reporters with years of experience - decades, for many of them - covering the television beat. Otherwise, they're people whose writing and taste I consider impeccable. After so many years of hearing network executives talk about synergy, I thought I'd try to beat them at their own game. The more of us who are writing about more aspects of TV, at the highest possible standard, the more we all benefit. And the more you, as readers, benefit as well.

What makes your opinion worth anything, anyway?

Well, right now it's free, so don't complain. But actually, there are several answers to that very common question. Every writer on this site will answer that question a bit differently, so here are mine:

One, I do have academic qualifications, having studied specifically for this area of expertise, and received both a B. S. in Journalism and an M. A. in Journalism and Communications from the University of Florida.

Two, I've been a TV critic for more than 35 years now. Given the amount of television I've seen over those decades, watching carefully and almost continuously, if I say a show is one of the best - or worst - I've ever seen, that really means something.

Three, reliable critics work like barometers, even in reverse. If, for example, you sample Breaking Bad or Damages or Dexter or The Singing Detective on my recommendation, and really like it, then you'll feel more confident about trusting me the next time. Conversely, if you hate everything I enjoy, then my advice can be just as useful to you. Just ignore it, and head in the other direction.

And four, the wider the TV universe expands, the harder it's going to be to sift through it and find the really good stuff. Don't try this at home. I'm a professional, with 12 TVs. Let me help.

How much TV do you watch a day?

Too much. But thank the TV gods for multi-tasking... and for TiVo.

Does TV WORTH WATCHING get any money from books or DVDs that are ordered via your website?

A small percentage, yes. So please, do your holiday and birthday shopping here. Costs you nothing more. Helps us stay alive.

Do advertisers on your site affect the content, or the tone of reviews?

Absolutely not. You have to trust me on this one - but I hope, after so many years, I've earned that trust. TV WORTH WATCHING has an advertising director to make calls, solicit advertising and take orders, so we on the editorial side don't have to. And when pitching to advertisers, one of our greatest lures is the intelligence and taste of our readership. So thanks for that. Honestly.

Are we there yet?

Not quite. But you have to admit, it's a very FAQ.