TV WORTH WATCHING ( highlights what's great on TV. The bad stuff, certainly, is easy enough to find. But in an ever-expanding TV universe, and with newspapers devoting less space and resources to quality analysis of television, where can a person turn to find trustworthy, informed recommendations about the best of what's out there? provides expert opinion and recommendations on breaking television news, scripted dramas and comdies, documentaries, reality programming and everything in between. TVWW has a roster of over 10 writers delivering original web-exclusive stories and interviews. We cover new DVD releases, seasonal merchandise, books on TV, and more. visitors are TV fans, show creators, producers, and writers.

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Delivering the web's most discriminating television opinion and reporting, has an average of 140,000 monthly visitors in the U.S. (Google Analytics, February 2016.)


Online for five years, is devoted exclusively to television content:

Bianculli's Best Bets: Five nightly picks, seven days a week, on shows previewed and recommended by TVWW Founder and Editor David Bianculli. David has continuously published Best Bets in various forms for over 35 years. And we mean continuously. Every day. Every bleepin' day. That's reliable as the sun coming up.

Contributor Blogs: Daily blogs on shows preferred and recommended by TVWW authors. Many TVWW critics are established  veterans and acknowledged leaders in broadcast TV criticism, and have written for such prestigious newspapers as The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, Newsday,  The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Orlando Sentinel, The Dallas Morning News, TV Guide Canada, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Cincinnati Enquirer, among many others. Magazine credits include Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News, Variety and The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone. Several TVWW critics have served as officers or board members of the Television Critics Association.

TVWW Seal of Approval: Top recommendation of new and collector DVD's of such notable high quality or enduring significance that they get TVWW's highest rating and endorsement.

TVWW New This Week: Weekly recommendations of new DVD's and releases coming to market that are noteworthy to TVWW readers.

TVWW Worth Buying: Value recommendations of DVD's and releases coming to market that are noteworthy, collectible and are being discounted or on sale.

The TVWW Interviews: Original TVWW interviews done by David Bianculli and other TVWW writers discussing the best and smartest in current TV and TV history. Interviews posted by David in 2011-12 have included Mel Brooks, Ken Burns and Karl Pilkington.

Books On TV: Reviews and recommendations on books covering TV history, individual shows, surveys, writers and actors.

Archives: There will be an archive of over 5,000 past columns and Best Bets available. The majority of the content is available now.

Additional Content Areas: has two dozen sections of TV news and opinion covering new and recurring shows, previews of worthwhile premiering shows, notable new writing and performing talent, established TV veterans, compelling books, Internet video clips and much more. David Bianculli and the TVWW authors have unique insight and access into the best of the established television industry and the newest content coming to market.


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