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We are so sorry, but BEST BETS continue to be offline. We will return soon with more picks for your nightly viewing. Thank you for your patience...
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Hello BB readers! We will continue to be offline for a few more days at minimum. Please Stand By as you have been, and keep chiming with your own BB picks! We appreciate it and will return soon. --TVWW
Jul 23, 2016   |  Reply
Good to know there are other BB co-dependents out there ;)
Jul 22, 2016   |  Reply
List the Best Bets here in the comments, seems like an easy short term fix
Jul 22, 2016   |  Reply
There's nothing quite like sudden absence to reveal a dependency. I ???????? you B3. Please come back soon.
Jul 21, 2016   |  Reply
Substitute 'need' for the question marks above. I tried to use Unicode to insert italics, but it didn't work here.
Jul 21, 2016
Just a program note, since 'Thirteen' on BBCAmerica has been a 'Best Bet' in the past weeks. BBCAmerica is showing tonight's episode--I think the last one--at 6 p.m. EDT.
Jul 21, 2016   |  Reply
Yes, Best Bets are temporarily offline, but reader dedication to TVWW is not! (Which we LOVE, by the way...) Please Stand By, we will return as soon as possible! --TVWW
Jul 20, 2016   |  Reply
So sorry you're having to deal with *that* side of technology. Hope it's not a Kernel Panic! ;-) Good luck!
Now for an important question. What's everyone watching tonight, Friday the 22nd?
Jul 23, 2016
Joe in SF
There's a whole bunch of stuff on TV tonight. You should watch it. If you don't like what you are watching, change the channel to something else.

I thought I would give it a try to fill in during the technical difficulties, but I've failed. Bianculli makes it look so easy each day. I'll sit patiently and wait for the Best Bets to return.
Jul 20, 2016   |  Reply
Casey Chapple
Wish we could fave comments. Joe would get one. Yep.
Jul 21, 2016
Sorry your having technical troubles. But why don't you publish your best bets on the Facebook page?
Jul 20, 2016   |  Reply
Maybe they're busy trying to fix the technical difficulties!
Jul 23, 2016
Tom Powers
You were way too kind in your review of Vice Principles.
Jul 19, 2016   |  Reply
* sitting in corner, tearing up newspaper *
Jul 19, 2016   |  Reply
It's Monday, July 18th as I write this, and today's Best Bets is a test pattern and the comment that it's unavailable today due to technical difficulties. That by itself is funny, but it's also the day that the Republican Convention and Trumpence Coronation begins. Coincidence, irony or cosmic karma?

(By the way, did anyone else notice how "Trumpence" sounds like a worthless old English coin?)
Jul 18, 2016   |  Reply
7/16/16-Stay with TCM after their monthly spooling of The Odd Couple for more Walter Matthau with Don Siegel's(Dirty Harry) 1973 caper, Charley Varrick. Matthau is a bad guy who accidentally steals money from the mob and Dean Wormer,yes,Dean Wormer(John Vernon)is part of the badder guys. Joe Don Baker,too,but you would expect that. Everything else,including Mrs. Jack Lemmon,is unexpected. While TCM showcases the '70s this month,this is about as '70s as they get. They say it is closed captioned,which is nice since the first DVD from Universal forgot to do that.
Jul 16, 2016   |  Reply
If you were considering featuring "Thirteen" on Thursday 7/14, here's an ominous sign: BBC America has moved it from 10 p.m. to 6 p.m. Hey, at least they're running out the string.
Jul 13, 2016   |  Reply
Casey Chapple
Valuable info, Jon88. BBC America is the stingiest, most disrespectful (to audience AND artists) network out there. Thanks for keeping an eye on them.
Jul 13, 2016
Hi name is Toby Jones, not Tony.
Jul 11, 2016   |  Reply
Mark Meister
um...did you mean to write ABC? I didn't know ABC could cancel a CBS show :)

You wrote:
This is a warning, not a recommendation. More “new” Angel from Hell episodes are tossed off, and aside, in prime time tonight, as CBS uses the dog days of summer to amortize some of the losses from one of its comedy dogs from earlier this year. Jane Lynch stars. At least she did for a week or two, before ABC canceled the show and had all these episodes left over. Welcome, therefore, to Write-Off Theater.
Jul 9, 2016   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
Just a typo... But you're right, of course. Oh how they wish they had that power.
Jul 9, 2016
Casey Chapple
"That game is followed, at 11 a.m.""

Not me, folks. I'm the one with a sense of humor. Also, I would never slam this site. Nothing slammable here. That's why it's an open tab 24/7 in my house.
Jul 7, 2016   |  Reply
Casey Chapple
Angela, you're a total doll! (Note: I can be mean, but only to people who can handle it.)
Jul 16, 2016
Phew! That's good to know, Casey. When I read what I thought was your previous comment I about lost hope in mankind. I was afraid that a latent mean streak had recently manifested. Glad I was wrong. Keep the spirit. Cheers
Jul 13, 2016
"That game is followed, at 11 a.m."

Sports don't interest me but in this case it is a "match", as in game, set, match. If you are going to waste space on sports it is important to get it right.
Jul 6, 2016   |  Reply
A mention that during TCM's Western tribute, on July 27,2:15AM(ET),Michael Cimino's troubled Heaven's Gate is already scheduled. With Cimino's passing this past Saturday,another time to visit what either is his masterpiece or the movie that pushed United Artists into MGM's dirty,tiny Trump-like hands.
Jul 5, 2016   |  Reply
Uh,I forgot how TCM looks at a calendar.Their clock starts at 6AM while most of the world sees this as six hours behind(well,TCM is in the business of showing OLD movies,right?)technically the movie will air Thurs., July 28 @ 2:15 AM(ET). Your recording device will thank you in the morning.
Jul 5, 2016
Since sports don't interest me at all, I'm grateful you didn't waste any space on sports today. To be sure, I'm grateful for everything you do, or don't do here. It's YOUR site; you get to do what you want. Hit or miss, you usually call it right for me, and I assume for most of your readers.

BEST BETS FANTASY DISCLAIMER: Do NOT depend on Best Bets for bets tailored precisely to your tastes. If you think about it, that would be impossible, wouldn't it? WOULDN'T IT?
Jul 3, 2016   |  Reply
Yup, Casey, it would be impossible for the BBs to be tailored precisely to each individual viewer's taste. In fact I failed once again to find the option for clicking on BBs tailored just for me. ;)
Jul 6, 2016
Keith Robin
I have an what I think is an interesting anecdote about Stanley Kubrick and two of the films that TCM is presenting tonight. After 2001 was released, in Cinerama originally, as well as other formats that offered stereophonic sound, 35mm four-track and 70mm six-track, Mr. Kubrick was so disappointed with the sad level of quality of the overall exhibition of the release, that he decided to scrap plans for a stereo wide screen production of "A Clockwork Orange". So it was released min the 1:66 to 1 aspect ration and standard monophonic sound (re-release notwithstanding). His attitude was probably "Why bother? They're just going to screw it up anyway!"
Jul 3, 2016   |  Reply
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