TVWW Contributors Archive

Editor's note:

When TV Worth Watching launched in 2007, it was with a single writer. Yours truly.

In the intervening years, many writers have come to the site, and a few have come and gone -- to pursue other opportunities, or happiness, or both. But what they contributed while they were here is something we're proud to continue to make available, in this special archive section. And one final thanks to them all. I wish them well -- including my own son, who outgrew TV Worth Watching by moving to Hollywood and selling a screenplay. Nice work if you can get it.

-- David Bianculli
Founder and Editor, TV Worth Watching

Christy Slewinski 1969-2013 (Former Managing Editor) Our TVWW managing editor, Christy Slewinski, passed away August 23rd, 2013, suddenly and unexpectedly. Earlier in her career, Christy covered the TV beat at the Tribune-Review and the New York Daily News, and also served as the lifestyles/specialty sections editor at the Orlando Sentinel. She was a great friend as she was an editor, and she was a terrific editor. We still grieve the news, and the loss. To her family, whose losses are infinitely greater, our TVWW love and sympathy.

Diane Werts
(Former Managing and Associate Editor) Diane has been glued to the tube since she can remember, growing up in a household where the TV came on first thing in the morning and stayed on till bedtime and beyond. She worked for the USA Film Festival, then for The Dallas Morning News writing about everything from Shakespeare to macrame art to rock music (and has the hearing loss to prove it). She moved to New York's Newsday to edit their glossy TV magazine, then returned to writing about television, specializing in its stranger permutations. She's a past president of the Television Critics Association.

P.J. Bednarski
is a veteran TV critic and former executive editor of Broadcasting & Cable magazine.

 Mark Bianculli is based in Los Angeles and is a screen writer. Recent credits include CBS's Unforgettable and a new film screenplay probing the panopticon techno-culture and the paranormal called The Waiting.

Jane Boursaw
Jane's syndicated family movie and TV reviews, based at Reel Life With Jane, are presented to readers monthly in print and online publications. She's a member of the Television Critics Association, and her work has also appeared in Variety, Family Circle, The New York Times, Parade and other publications.


Theresa Corigliano
has loved and worked in the television business, in some way or another, since she was old enough to read TV Guide. She has been a television critic, a network and a studio executive, and a series writer. She is completely aware of her quirky tastes, and welcomes your comments agreeing or challenging same.

Mike Donovan
has been teaching courses about television at Rowan University in New Jersey for almost 40 years.  For 20 of those years, he also worked in conference and educational marketing for the National Association of Television Program Executives.  He currently also serves as the Educational Director of the NYC-based Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation. He watches entirely too much television.
Karle Dunbar is a Public Relations Student at the University of Florida. She is a TV/film enthusiast and the Social Media Manager for TVWW. Her top five TV shows of all time include Power, Documentary Now!, The Sopranos, Narcos and The Office.

Barry Garron  A freelance writer, is a former TV critic for The Hollywood Reporter and The Kansas City Star. His work has also appeared in Broadcasting & Cable, Variety, TV Guide, Westways (AAA), Emmy and on He is a past president of the Television Critics Asscoiation.

Ronnie Gill
is a features desk editor for Newsday and a longtime former editor of its weekly guide to TV. A latecomer to reality TV, once she joined the party she has rarely stopped to catch her breath. She loves shows where contestants have to prove they have actual talent, rather than shows awarded to individuals for being able to date, mate, procreate or survive.

Diane Holloway
  After three decades as the TV critic for the Austin American-Statesman, Diane has returned to her first love, politics. She is the staff writer for the Travis County Democrats and new media maven for Central Texas politics. But her love for TV has not faded, and she is embarrassed to say she still watches more than she reads. In her spare time, she works with homeless Texans and complains about the heat.
Candace Kelley is an Emmy-nominated television producer, writer and reporter.  She has appeared on stations including NY1, BET and Court TV. Remember that? Over her 20 year career as a freelance writer, she has covered media and the law, pop culture, the arts and minority related issues. She holds a law degree, but equally important, she is a part of the intellectually elite, highly respected world of Reality TV as a producer. She teaches TV reporting and media law at Rowan University.
   Al Mannarino is a a writer of all things pop culture. His work has been featured on Screen Rant, What Culture, and Pop-Break. He's a promotions asssistant for Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, with a BA in Radio/TV/Film & History from Rowan University.
Janet McCabe is Honorary Research Fellow in TV Drama at Birkbeck, University of London, as well as Research Assistant (Critical Studies in Television) based at the University of Glamorgan. She has (along with Kim Akass) co-edited several collections, including Readi

Eric Mink
most recently was the op-ed editor and columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He previously wrote about television and media for the Post-Dispatch and the New York Daily News. He now teaches film as an adjunct assistant professor at Webster University in St. Louis.

Alan Pergament
 has returned as television critic (Talkin' TV) for the Buffalo News. In his 40-year newspaper career, he has covered sports, the courts, the suburbs and crime stories. He also is an adjunct at Buffalo State College and Medaille College, where he teaches journalism and criticism.

Donna J. Plesh (1944-2015) TVWW contributor Donna J. Plesh died April 2, 2015, from ovarian cancer. She was 71. Donna covered television since the early 1980s, initially for the Orange County Register and its TV magazine. She also was a member of the Television Critics Association. Donna was always a cheerful spirit within the TVWW network and often gave readers a kind, up-close viewpoint in her interviews with a wide variety of television stars. She will be missed.

David Sicilia is a business historian and commentator at the University of Maryland, where he tries to convince business students that history matters and history students that business matters (newest course: MoneyLand: Business in American Culture). He's written books about Alan Greenspan's image, American entrepreneurs, and the evolution of the U.S. corporation, among other things. He has been a talking head, with body attached, on NPR, CNBC, CNN Financial News, Bloomberg Financial Television, DR-1 Danish Public Television, and NHK Television Japan.
Jonathan Storm has watched television since he was 5 years old. He would wake up early, turn on the TV and watch the test patterns as he waited for The Modern Farmer to begin. Eventually, he put all that experience to good use, working as the TV critic at the Philadelphia Inquirer for 22 years before retiring in 2011. He’s still watching, and writing free-lance for The Inquirer and other outlets.
Gabriela Tamariz is a graduate student at the University of Florida College of Journalism & Communications. She’s a writer, web designer and TV/film enthusiast. Her top five TV shows of all time include The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Deadwood and Mad Men. Email her at