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Welcome to Cyber Monday! Shop for TV DVDs, and Plan Your Holiday Viewing, Here at TV WORTH WATCHING...
December 1, 2008  | By David Bianculli

Welcome to Cyber Monday! Shop for TV DVDs, and Plan Your Holiday Viewing, Here at TV WORTH WATCHING...

Because it's Cyber Monday, TV WORTH WATCHING is making it easy for you. And, since every gift you order helps us, too, it's a holiday win-win.

Click on one of the Santa-hatted home-page puppies, and start shopping for the best, or most holiday-appropriate, TV shows on DVD...


I posted this description of our constantly updated DVD holiday shopping guides over the weekend, but on Cyber Monday, it bears repeating:

You can find these just below BIANCULLI'S BLOG on the home page -- click on either of the Santa-hatted puppies, and they'll take you there. "Christmas Shows on DVD" takes you to collections of holiday specials on DVD, and "Holiday Shopping Guide," immediately below it, is a giant guided tour of big boxed sets, individual DVDs and everything in between -- anything having to do with TV, which we consider cool.

Diane Werts did most of the work on this year's version, but some of my reviews and recommendations are there, too, and we're both very proud to present these online offerings to you. And Diane did ALL the work on her borderline-insane exhaustive list of TV holiday offerings -- the ones not for sale, but just to watch and/or record, if you know where and when to find them. Diane does.

Newly added to the site, and updated regularly for the rest of the year, is her triple-threat guide to all the Christmas specials, holiday movies and Christmas-themed series episodes on TV between now and 2009 and beyond. Three different lists, all exhaustive, and all searchable.


Want to find out when A Charlie Brown Christmas is showing this year? When White Christmas will be on? Where to find the Seinfeld episode of "Festivus"? Check out the lists: Linus and company will show up Dec. 8 on ABC, White Christmas will be shown on Lifetime Dec. 19, and "Festivus"... you'll just have to keep checking back.

All this work -- all these lists -- are the absurdly time-consuming handiwork of our own Diane Werts, who used to provide them for New York's Newsday. TV WORTH WATCHING is extremely proud to be their new home base. You can find all three lists on the home page, just to the right of Diane's regular FOR BETTER OR WERTS column. Just look beneath BIANCULLI'S BEST BETS.

For today, you can jump to them by linking here for EPISODES, here for SPECIALS, and here for MOVIES. But keep coming, and keep reading. Diane's going to keep updating the lists all year long.

I couldn't find Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, one of my favorite all-time holiday specials, on her viewing list -- but it IS on our shopping list, as one of the many offerings available to order for the holidays. I'm not trying to bug you, or humbug you -- just let you know what's there, after all our hard work assembling it and throwing it out into the cyberspace ether...


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Julia said:

I'll be buying _Chappelle's Show_ for my sister. Is there a way that TVWW can get the benefit if the series is not on your "recommended" list? (What a great question!!!! Yes, there is: Just click on any DVD while visiting the site, and then, without ordering that one, type in the DVD you're after and order it. ANY shopping you do after going from TV Worth Watching to Amazon gives us a small kickback. So please, PLEASE, do it! Consider it my Christmas gift, from you -- and thanks!!! By the way, lucky sister. Chappelle is terrific. -- David B.)

Comment posted on December 2, 2008 3:35 PM
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