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Trump's Presidential Bid Is Trumped by... Trump
May 17, 2011  | By David Bianculli

So much for my presidential prognostication skills. Though I thought I had predicted the perfect game plan with which Donald Trump could mount a presidential run over the summer -- just long enough to get attention without having to disclose his financials -- The Donald scuttled that idea yesterday (Monday).

The host of NBC's The Apprentice revealed his presidential plans while appearing in New York at the NBC upfronts, and threw his hat out of the ring in a way that was very, well, up front...

Instead of announcing the official start of his presidential bid to all the advertisers gathered to sample NBC's wares for the fall 2011-12 season, Trump instead announced the renewal of his NBC reality show.


"This will be our 12th season," Trump said of his Apprentice franchise, "and I have to say, I love Celebrity Apprentice. We've raised tens of millions of dollars for charity. We've never raised so much as we have in the last season."

Trump went on to say, "I've decided that we are going to continue onward with 'Celebrity Apprentice.' We're going to continue making lots and lots of money for charity. I will not be running for President, as much as I'd like to, and I want to thank everybody very much."

Trump's decision to stop flirting with, and getting free promotion from, politics comes after President Barack Obama's successful mission to have Navy SEALs locate and swoop in on Osama bin Laden's suburban secret compound in Pakistan.

I had written my prediction about Trump's next move (you can read that column HERE) days after that daring raid -- and I suspect that the overwhelmingly positive response to Obama's secret mission was the factor that made Trump decide to put his promotional eggs back in his own Apprentice basket.

The timing, though, must have been irritating. If Trump had continued to consider an option to run for office, even for a few months, he couldn't have used the platform of the NBC upfronts to announce the renewal of Celebrity Apprentice for next season -- because NBC couldn't air it with Trump as an announced presidential candidate.


But now that Trump has made his decision public, that means there's no "surprise announcement" tacked on to this Sunday's season finale of Celebrity Apprentice -- just the suspense, which is minimal, of whether John Rich or Marlee Matlin will become the fourth celebrity to emerge victoriously from the celebrity edition of Trump's Apprentice show.

But there IS a piece of news buried there in plain sight. Once again, the normal people who once battled for a spot in the Trump organization, in the regular editions of The Apprentice, are being shoved aside to make room for this show's very generous definition of "celebrities."

Once again, the person with more recognition, and the biggest media platform, wins.

That goes for normal people vs. celebrities... and it also goes, apparently, for Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama.




Mac said:

David, it's OK to be wrong about this. Actually, the news of a Huckabeeless campaign was the real politcal news, as Huckabee has a number of followers who must be told how to vote, so his nod will help someone in the drowning pool. Trump has...nothing. Fox gets to keep its wonderland of scintillating Sat. night discussion and entertainment. And for many, no need to watch Trump or Fox as long as there is a can of paint, a brush and a wall. Wow, it really does look wet when first applied. Now, it's drying.

Comment posted on May 17, 2011 5:28 PM

Rich said:

I never thought he was serious. he had feuds with Rosie O'Donnell and said shocking things before. He "Used" Obama & the election buzz for ratings.

What I like about Trump is that he doesn't play by the media's rules in that he uses the media's own weaknesses for shock, awe, scandal, & bickering to his advantage. The media will never admit that Trump used them 'cause the media always thinks it's smarter than you (Gatekeepers & Shaping opinions & Cheerleading).

How does it feel to be used AGAIN, Media? And we know you enjoyed it. I long for a show or personality that exposes, educates on, and dismantles "The Media" - because sadly 'The Herd' forgot how to do decades ago.

course if they ever did - "The Media" would just call them names, out of touch, racists....Yawn.

[Rich -- Watch Jon Stewart. Your deconstructing media savior arrived long ago. -- DB]

Comment posted on May 17, 2011 6:59 PM

Eileen said:

Well, David, I was as sure he would run as you were. He's an egomaniac who would have loved the spotlight.

I think, however, there must be a lot that would have surfaced about him & his finances where he just decided it wasn't worth it.

After his relentless pursuit of the president's "long form" birth certificate, you can be sure there were many, many reporters out there just waiting to spill the beans on this guy. His many bankruptcies, his three marriages, his past voting record. It's already become public knowledge that he was a heavy contributor to both Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer in NY; also unearthed was the fact he hadn't voted in a NY primary in 20+ years. All of this and plenty more would have come to light.

I'm actually sorry, because I certainly would have loved to see him get him just desserts. On the other hand, there are just enough loonies out there that he might have actually established a "fan base" of voters. Scary as that might be.

And I just don't know how any life can be breathed into Celebrity Apprentice; from the few episodes I saw this season it was just awful. NBC seems to have just given up with its programming, and decided not to take any chances with anything new or innovative. The other networks are at least trying. It must make the former big networks - ABC, CBS & NBC - see red when FOX and AMC are such forces to be reckoned with.

Comment posted on May 18, 2011 11:36 AM
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