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Timely Advice for CBS: Be Good to "Your Mother" -- With Update!
April 28, 2008  | By David Bianculli

With House returning to TV tonight, the prime-time schedule as we know it is back, with original episodes for all its big shows, for the first time since the writers' strike. The May ratings sweeps period gives us almost nothing special, figuring fresh episodes of our favorite shows is good enough. And, for the most part, that's true.

But if we're so grateful, and so aware of the value of quality entertainment series, why aren't the networks?

Case in point, since it's televised tonight and its future remains in doubt: How I Met Your Mother, shown at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

This is a show that has done everything it can to earn renewal. It's presented a breakout character in Barney, the well-dressed womanizer played by Neil Patrick Harris. It's amassed lots of free publicity, and extra viewers, by casting Britney Spears in a guest role -- her one positive public activity in more than a year. And Jason Segal, who plays Marshall, has gotten extra mileage, and exposure, by starring in and writing the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

So with all that, why hasn't CBS given How I Met Your Mother a vote of confidence by renewing it for another season?

The same question could be asked of another CBS sitcom, the ill-treated The New Adventures of Old Christine -- another program that does its job wonderfully, is very funny, and showcases lots of strong comedic performances.

CBS announces its 2008-09 fall schedule May 14 at the upfronts, and we'll learn the fate of these two comedies then, if not before. But May 11, just a few days earlier, is Mother's Day. Why not give the cast and creators of How I Met Your Mother, and its fans, a timely Mother's Day present, and announce the show's renewal as a happy holiday bouquet?


Hours after today's blog was posted, I heard this from the folks at How I Met Your Mother:

Production begins today on a new episode, scheduled to air May 12, in which Britney Spears reprises her role of Abby, the smitten tattoo-removal receptionist. This time, she and Barney team up, for different reasons, to make Ted jealous.

If two Spears appearances in a single season don't get CBS to renew the show, then something's really wrong at the network level.




Fan said:

You beat all the other outlets again. Amusing to see them play catch-up hours after you reported this. When a single blog generates more news than some alleged news organizations, it just shows enterprise beats budget many a day.
(Now if the advertisers would recognize this and lend a little more support to your effort....) (All I want to add is, I didn't write this -- but I'm sure flattered that you did. Thanks. -- David B.)

Comment posted on April 29, 2008 6:07 AM

Sally W. said:

I really hope CBS renews "How I Met Your Mother." Such a very well written show, and well-acted. This week's episode of Ted's 30th birthday with the scene of Ted breaking up with Barney was so heartbreaking! HIMYM isn't about guest stars; it's about romance, love, and friendship, plus a good laugh - not enough of that on tv as it is these days.

Comment posted on May 2, 2008 12:53 AM

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