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The World is Waiting: Phil Keoghan on the Future of 'The Amazing Race'
January 30, 2021  | By Alex Strachan  | 34 comments

The 33rd cycle of The Amazing Race was good to go, and go it did. The latest running of the 10-time Emmy Award-winning around-the-world challenge burst out of the starting gate as scheduled last February.

Yes, there were worrying rumors of a strange new virus migrating out of China, but Amazing Race had successfully jumped every hurdle thrown its way before, dating back to the series premiere in 2001, just eight days before the 9/11 terror attacks. There was little reason to think this time would be any different.

Thirty-three proved to be an unlucky number, however.

Little more than a week into the race, CBS suspended production, citing the spread of coronavirus cases around the world. No one in front of or behind the camera was affected, but CBS made its decision based on "an abundance of caution," according to a statement at the time — caution that, in hindsight, the world-at-large could have used a little more of.

"Everyone involved in the show will continue to be monitored when they return home," the statement added. "The health and well-being of the Racers and the production team are our top priorities."

The health and safety of all involved is a pressing concern, as host, Phil Keoghan, told reporters in a conference call Wednesday to promote the return of the CBS competition program Tough As Nails for a second season starting Feb. 10.

The Amazing Race faces complications if production does continue at some point, starting with whether to start the race again with the same group of contestants, whether to pick up where the initial race left off (filming was suspended after three episodes had been filmed), or whether to go with an entirely new cast.

Either way, Keoghan holds out hope that The Amazing Race will return in some form, at some point, he told reporters.

"The world is waiting" is Keoghan's catchphrase at the start of every race. The world is still waiting, but it will have to wait a little longer, he said.

"We're absolutely chomping at the bit to get back out and shoot," Keoghan said. "I know [co-creator/executive producers] Elise (Doganieri) and Bertram (van Munster) are definitely keen to get the team back together and for us to go.

"As far as when . . . we've got to make sure the world is safe. On this show, safety is paramount. We have an impeccable safety record on Amazing Race, and keeping people safe is our number one priority.

"We've got to get people out and make a TV show, but we want to get them home safely as well."

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