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Complex.com: Bianculli's Blog is Television Criticism Worth Reading
April 5, 2013  | By About TVWW  | 40 comments

Guess who's on the list of the 25 Best TV Bloggers Right Now, which was released by the culture and entertainment website Complex.com on April 4, 2013. (It's no surprise to fans of TV Worth Watching.)

Complex contributor Brenden Gallagher wrote: "In addition to coverage of House of Cards and Homeland on Bianculli's blog, you'll also find coverage of PBS and various miniseries that you won't find on blogs that are more dependent on advertiser dollars. With the principles and dusty puns that you'd expect from a college professor, Bianculli's blog is television criticism worth reading."

Principled? Resolutely. But, another pun bites the dust? Never!

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