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TV Worth Watching Gave Us a Front Row Seat
March 31, 2021  | By Bill Brioux  | 80 comments

For me, David Bianculli on "Best TV Tomorrow" was TV Worth Watching.

It was fun streaming along, seeing if David knew what day it was, watching him build to a terrible pun. Every show ending with that Mickey Rooney grin. It was a minute or two with a friend, delivered every day to my inbox. For free!

It didn't matter what Bianculli recommended. It was usually something on TCM that night anyway, so call it "TV I'd Already Be Watching." It was just fun to see him stay in character, trying to be heard over those shirts and talking about our other friend – television.

Selfishly, you want David to keep providing this free service, especially if you also happened to launch a TV Internet site in 2007. When I launched mine, it was called TV Feeds My Family. My family all grew up and moved away, or else they would have starved to death.

During these months of COVID lockdown and isolation, this daily blast of Bianculli was just so damn comforting. All those props and press tour tchotchkes – hilarious. You could have funded the site just by unloading all that on eBay.

Siegel did a great job with the editing and music cues. The damn thing should have been a weekly feature on CBS Sunday Morning.

"Best TV Tomorrow" was a reminder to all of us who cover television that we had a front row seat to fun. David's daily videos took me back to when I would call Mike Duffy at the Detroit Free Press. There would be Mike's booming voice on his answering machine, joyously declaring, "You have reached Captain Video…"

If the show must not go on, fine. So long as Bianculli does.

They moved Twohey's, David, but it is, like us, still around. Breakfast is on me next time – from the "lighter fare" menu. Stay thirsty, my friend.

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This sincere reflection beautifully encapsulates the significance of collective television enthusiasm, highlighting its comforting influence during difficult periods. Bianculli's daily insights offered a sense of familiarity amidst uncertainty, evoking nostalgia for past TV personalities. The camaraderie and humor conveyed underscore television's enduring ability to bring people together, providing solace and connection during times of need.
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This heartfelt reflection captures the essence of shared television enthusiasm, emphasizing the comforting role it played during challenging times.Bianculli's daily insights provided a familiar embrace amidst uncertainty, reminiscent of nostalgic connections to TV personalities past. The camaraderie and humor expressed underscore the enduring power of television to unite and uplift, offering solace and connection when it's needed most.
Feb 8, 2024   |  Reply
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