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TV Guide and I: Born the Same Year, and Finally Together
June 7, 2017  | By David Bianculli  | 14 comments

Even in this digital age, on most newsstands you still can buy a printed magazine copy of TV Guide – and if you buy the issue on stands beginning today (June 7), covering June 12-25, you can read the inaugural entry by the magazine’s newest columnist. That would be me…

It’s an unexpected new chapter for me at this stage in my career, allowing and challenging me to connect the dots between TV’s past, its present, and its future. I’ll appear, along with my friend and TV Guide senior critic Matt Roush, every issue – and, to be totally honest about it, it’s pretty much the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

That’s because I started reading TV Guide just about when Cleveland Amory began working as the magazine’s TV critic. He and Jack Anderson, TV critic for the Miami Herald, were the two TV critics I read voraciously then, and who opened my mind to the idea that there was such a job as someone who watches, and writes about, television for a living.

So I set out to do precisely that – and have. And all those summers as a kid, when I examined the Fall Preview issue of TV Guide to make my viewing choices for the coming TV season (Bonanza or The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour?), now come full circle. Now, beginning with this issue of TV Guide, I’m no longer outside looking in.

I’m inside looking out.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“TV GUIDE MAGAZINE published its first national edition in 1953, smack in the middle of the creative big bang now known as the Golden Age of Television. The cover subject of that first issue was the newborn son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, the stars of TV’s most popular show at the time, CBS’s I Love Lucy.

“The same year Desi Arnaz Jr. and TV GUIDE MAGAZINE were born, so was I, part of the first generation to grow up with television…”

To read the rest, buy the magazine. I’ll still be here, and cranking out Bianculli’s Best Bets every day – but I’ve got a new gig for a while.

And it’s one I’ve dreamed about doing for almost as long as I can remember…

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Oct 18, 2023   |  Reply
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Feb 6, 2023   |  Reply
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Jan 27, 2023   |  Reply
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Apr 28, 2022   |  Reply
Timothy Wilson
Your articles in TV guide have been a,if you'll pardon the expression,breath of fresh air!I loved your insights on the great David Jansen and the superb Fugitive!!Just finished your article about Howdy Doody,my brother and I had marionettes and used do puppet shows with Howdy-he was our hero!!Look forward to many more wonderful memories,Thank you David!!
Dec 19, 2017   |  Reply
More congratulations from one of your many fans. So happy that one of your life long dreams has come true! I would be so proud if I were you. Bravo!
Jul 1, 2017   |  Reply
E Lomke
Excellent! I came to believe, from time to time, your work was 1 of the *inspirations* for TVG features.
Jun 11, 2017   |  Reply
Alex S.
Congrats, after a fashion. That would make you the latter-day Cleveland Amory, wouldn't it? You'd better dial up on the crankiness, then. Hard to please, and all that.
Jun 10, 2017   |  Reply
Congratulations on the new gig. Since many newspapers have all but given up on covering TV and running grids, it's good to know that TV Guide survives, but I'm also glad that you plan to keep TV Worth Watching going.
Jun 9, 2017   |  Reply
Robert Prestifilippo
Congrats. I had already read your first column as I am still a subscriber. When I was a kid and TV Guide was able to list everything (with detailed descriptions and guest stars) that was being broadcast I would go through it like it was the Zapruder Film. I look forward to your future columns.
Jun 8, 2017   |  Reply
Mark Isenberg
Yes,we all cared about TV Guide in the 1960s-70s but after the Annenbergs sold it,it got stupid and became like People magazine instead of covering the full scope of tv which meant cable networks,too. Now,nobody cares much about TV Guide and newspapers rarely even print a weekly supplement with listings.The assumption is that viewers know what to watch and where to find it without a TV Guide other than the remote control button. Sorry,David but no sale.
Jun 8, 2017   |  Reply
I forgot to mention when we talked yesterday that my first "job," when I was 10, was going door-to-door, asking people if they would like to have front-door delivery of TV Guide. After building my "business base" of about 20 customers, I'd receive a bundle of about 20 magazines weekly. Whatever the weather, I had to walk to each home and make my deliveries. That was difficult but even tougher was getting the subscribers to pay me. I don't remember how little profit I made, but I sincerely hope your arrangement produces more income. Knowing songs like "Warm Leatherette" can chronicle similar disasters, I wonder if there's a tragic song in my long-ago experience.
Jun 8, 2017   |  Reply
I failed to mention that I subscribed today to a year of TV Guide. There was no option to pay weekly; even though a year's a bargain, they got my money up-front.
Jun 8, 2017
Congrats,David, and congrats to TV Guide,hoping that the writing reaches the excellence of the early days. The Philadelphia area,where I grew up,was the epicenter for TV Guide after Walter Annenberg bought an earlier version of weekly,regional listings for TV. Annenberg also owned two Philly newspapers(still around today),WFIL radio & TV(now Disney owned and where Bandstand started just months before TV Guide came to be) and Seventeen magazine,important to many a female teen during the Baby Boom(still around). All of these ventures were fueled by printed horse race gambling info:The Daily Racing Form(still around) and The Morning Telegraph.
At one time,TV Guide was the #1 magazine in the U.S. Folks would show up on Tues. for the Sat.-Fri. listings,which featured legendary writing much better than expected in a weekly,throw away 'zine. As a teen,I read every page, every week,not realizing the literary education I was receiving while consuming media info.
Jun 8, 2017   |  Reply
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