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2007: Paula Zahn Leaves CNN
August 2, 2020  | By TV WW  | 3 comments
This day in 2007 marked the last telecast of CNN's prime-time news program, Paula Zahn Now, and the anchor's final day with the cable news channel.

Zahn's exit from CNN was less than graceful. The demise of her show was first reported on July 24, 2007, one day after CNN announced that it was developing a news program for former NBC News correspondent Campbell Brown. Because Brown's exit agreement with NBC prevented her from appearing on CNN until Nov. 1, 2007, a series of substitute hosts were used to cover the three-month gap.

Prior to joining CNN, Zahn was an evening news anchor for Fox News Channel. The cable channel ousted Zahn upon discovering her agent was in talks for her to anchor a morning show on CNN, with Fox News president Roger Ailes famously saying Zahn was no more valuable to the network than a "dead raccoon."

She was, however, perhaps best known for her nine-year stint with CBS News, where she co-anchored CBS This Morning with Harry Smith, worked as the Saturday and substitute host for CBS Evening News and contributed to other news programs.

Zahn made her debut on CNN on September 11, 2001, stepping in to assist with coverage of the terrorist attacks. She began anchoring a morning shift the following day, even though her show, American Morning with Paula Zahn, was still in development. Zahn took over CNN's prime-time spot in 2003.
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I wasn't aware of you a while ago, but was amazed the first time I encountered you on Discovery ID, and just knew you were a very evil person, the first time I saw you. Amazing because I always give people the benefit of the doubt. But you are different. I absolutely knew what a negative and evil person you are. Amazing, right? After reading your background, and listening to my own instincts, I do not wish you well. The Devil is well served by you.
Aug 3, 2020   |  Reply
mark isenberg
You do take risks in criticizing women like Gayle King but I do not mind if valid and Ms.King remains one of the worst of the mainstream morning hosts so Paula Zahn is not missed or well regarded despite many years at ABC,CBS and Fox and CNN. She wound up as a host of a low rated crime news series on a cable channel. Not sure exactly when Paula's welcome wore out as a trusted news reader and interviewer.Let's just say any long stint on CNN is almost a death sentence kind of what Wolf Blitzer still does late at night or whenever there is some phony Breaking News. CNN never got better after a long run of Bernard Shaw and Judy Woodruff during the Larry King era. And um,we know what Larry King has turned into in Beverly Hills. A talking cadaver unlike Viacom's Sumner Redstone who just won't go to Heaven in his late 90s near Beverly Hills and he owns with his daughter Viacom-CBS.
Aug 2, 2020   |  Reply
Mark Isenberg
Paula Zahn has bounced around network and cable news a long time and yet has very little original reporting to show for it.If she is still with Investigation Discovery,I won't be shocked. And CNN has a history of ladies not being very original be it Paula,Campbell Brown, a little bit more from Soledad O'Brien and only Christine Amanpour doing significant intl.work.And the current morning hosts with Chris Cuomo are almost as bad as Paula was or Gayle King now is on CBS mornings. The most curious CNN anchor remains Ashleigh Banfield who did all that globe trotting for MSNBC over a decade ago and now hosts a legal case discussion program at noon when nobody watches. Too bad,CNN could not have found better use for her but that is why CNN remains a channel for breaking news tragedies and not much else.Sorry Anderson Cooper.
Aug 2, 2015   |  Reply
Ashleigh Banfield arrived big-time for the Gore-Bush and the hanging chads.
She was covering that story nearly 24-7. Was that 2-3 months?
Yes, a shame she hasn’t been found a proper “home” — she proved her abilities in a strange time!
Aug 2, 2020
Tom t
I like Ashleigh's aggressive interview questioning. She should have a better time slot and oppeetunities at CNN.
Aug 2, 2015
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