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So What Did I Find Under My Tree This Christmas? The Same Damned Cat...
December 25, 2011  | By David Bianculli
Bane Christmas asleep 2011.jpg

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays, to all.

I don't try to get my hopes up too much when I stagger downstairs on Christmas morning to see what's waiting for me under the tree. But does it have to be the same damn cat that's been living here for 114 years, and refuses to die, and thinks of the tree as some halfway house between being indoors where it's warm and outdoors where she can kill things?...

Yes, that's Bane, photographed by my son, Mark, who's visiting for the holidays, and thinks it's cute that the cat is cozy and sleeping under the tree. He's the one who named the cat Bane, too, I think -- realizing that, when he and my daughter, Kristin, left home (which they both did, years ago), that the cat would be the Bane of my existence.

So now it's "Let sleeping cats lie," and there she is.

Except I suspect, many times when she appears to be asleep, she's pretending, and she's up to no good.

Ever since Bane started her own Twitter account -- @tvwwmascot -- and started Tweeting with the actual, official Snoopy, there's been no living with her.

Except I have to.

Happy holidays, everybody...




Eileen said:

Sorry, but I've got to go with the cat on this one. This picture is just too cute.

And to further add to all your "Yules" this past week, if you watched Late Night on Friday, yule be glad you did. As always, Jay Thomas was great, but the added enhancement of the video reenactment was the perfect touch. And, quite a surprise.

And Darlene Love -- just perfection. She was featured today on CBS' Sunday Morning. Lovely inside and out. She seems amazed at how she went from virtual obscurity to having a whole second chance at a career. She speaks lovingly of Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers and her yearly Letterman gig. If Phil Spector wasn't already in prison, he could be tried and convicted of crimes against female backup singers. Shocking how these talents were treated financially back in the day. It's no wonder so many recording "stars" of the 60s ended up broke & broken. It's great to see a true survivor enjoying the fruits of her many, many years of hard labor. Couldn't have happened to a nicer, classier lady. Good for her, and good for us still having her entertain.

The highlight of Christmas Eve, however, was our own WPIX-Channel 11 in NYC sneaking in a Honeymooners Christmas Episode at ??(God, it was so late I'm not even sure what time it was). Question: Is there anything better than a Honeymooners' episode? Answer: Yes, when you weren't expecting it.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays (and cut the cat some slack). Holiday best wishes.

[Dear Eileen --

You, too. And speaking of PIX, I forgot to highlight the Yule Log this year! - DB]

Comment posted on December 25, 2011 9:27 PM

Caffeinated Joe said:

Happy Holidays!

[For me or the cat? On both our behalfs -- or on our bewhole -- I'll say thanks, regardless. -- DB]

Comment posted on December 26, 2011 2:30 PM
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