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Predicting the Emmys -- Take Two
August 27, 2010  | By Mark Bianculli

Actress in a Comedy Series:
Who Should Win: Edie Falco
Who Will Win: Edie Falco

Too bad the award isn't "most brilliant woman alive in comedy," because if so, Tina Fey would walk away with it every year. But since it's specifically an "actress" award, I think it would take a miracle to beat the likes of Edie Falco (...a miracle, or Toni Collette).

Actor in a Comedy Series:
Who Should Win: Jim Parsons
Who Will Win: Alec Baldwin

Parsons seems to be the easy fan favorite in this one, but I doubt the Academy will forget just what a true master of comedy Alec Baldwin has consistently proven to be.


Actor in a Drama Series:
Who Should Win: Bryan Cranston
Who Will Win: Hugh Laurie

This one might be the toughest of all the predictions. No disrespect to Kyle Chandler or Matthew Fox, but I would be equally happy for the recipient of the Emmy this year if it were Cranston, Hamm, Laurie, or Hall. All four characters are modern legends by this point, and each actor gave quite the performance this year to keep him at such a deserving level. My heart wants Cranston for the three-peat. My head says Laurie will be recognized for a particularly difficult season.

Actress in a Drama Series:
Who Should Win: Julianna Margulies
Who Will Win: Julianna Margulies

This one's a no-brainer (hopefully, or I'll look very stupid). Hottest new drama. Hottest new character. Margulies is wonderful (and beautiful) in everything she's in. Time for a second Emmy.


Outstanding Comedy Series:
Who Should Win: Glee
Who Will Win: Glee

This one is actually quite the toss-up (in my opinion) between Modern Family and Glee. And while I think Modern Family is actually the more clever and funny of the two shows, I think that Glee is more original and unique. (And yes, I can hear the words of my father telling me something can't be "more unique" than something else). Glee zoned in on the zeitgeist, hit the sweet spot, and knocked out something commercial AND entertaining. Such a fresh, breakout hit deserves the Emmy.

Outstanding Drama Series:
Who Should Win: Mad Men
Who Will Win: Mad Men

Another insanely tough call to make, considering the talent and quality here. I am ruling out True Blood (for many reasons, sorry, fans!) and Dexter (brilliant, but not quite enough to take on this competition). So who is left?

Lost? Might win points for an emotional and much-anticipated ending, but I don't think so. Good Wife? Actually, it might. Its procedural-serial hybrid style is fresh and fun, and Margulies is amazing. But my favorite two shows for three years running have been Breaking Bad and Mad Men.


Now, I'm crazy enough to argue that Breaking Bad's second season was better than Mad Men's. But this is season three. And, though I am afraid to say "ever" because of my young frame of reference, Breaking Bad had one of the most satisfying season openers that I've... ever seen (specifically the brilliant opening shot). Problem is, Mad Men had one of the most satisfying season CLOSERS I've ever seen, to end what I consider its best season yet. I think it's a hands-down victory for Mad Men, once again.


But you don't mention The Walking Dead - Mad Men's real competition for Outstanding Drama Series. Recall TWD got much higher ratings for it's opening episode than the opening episode of MM's fourth season.

Don't you be stiffing the animated corpses. They don't dress as well as the MM crowd, but they're relentless.

[This post referred to last season's eligible shows. The zombies of Walking Dead hadn't cometh yet. -- David B.]

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