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HAPPY NEW YEAR! My TVWW Resolution For 2011 Is...
January 1, 2011  | By David Bianculli

Happy New Year, everyone!

We've got reason to celebrate here at TV WORTH WATCHING: In 2010, the roster of writers expanded exponentially, the redesign brought daily video and other offerings to the site, and we've got equally ambitious plans for 2011. And personally, part of it begins now, as I make a sincere resolution to try to offer one new daily feature for you loyal, treasured readers...

When we were planning the redesign, and asked you what features were most important, many of you wanted the daily BIANCULLI'S BEST BETS posted earlier, so you could read them first thing in the morning, and even set your recorders accordingly before you went about your daily business.

Since those suggestions were voiced (way too frequently to dismiss, by the way), I tried, once we relaunched, to have the daily BEST BETS up by 9 a.m. ET. But I didn't always succeed, and even that didn't truly achieve the stated goal.

So, beginning the first day of 2011, here's my New Year's Resolution: Every morning, that day's BEST BETS will be there. Period. And more than that -- if, after reading the day's BEST BETS, you click on the "Next" button at the bottom, the next day's BEST BETS will be there as well. That ought to cover advance planning and recording.

Just don't look for a two-day advance, please. Give a guy a break.

Thanks for being here, and returning, and trusting and embracing our critics and opinions. I really do love the little community of quality TV lovers we've assembled here, at both ends of the Internet stream, and we have even more grand plans in store for 2011. But my BEST BETS revamp is the only one that qualifies as a resolution.

TV WORTH WATCHING is starting the New Year off right with our writers as well. Look at the roster of columns we've posted just in time for the start of 2011. No, really -- LOOK at them.


There's our managing editor, Diane Werts, bemoaning the premature cancellations of Lonestar, Caprica, Party Down, Rubicon and other shows that deserved longer runs.

And Ed Martin, proving how potent his Best of 2010 list is by also providing a companion list (or two) of shows that just barely missed the cut.

And Diane Holloway, making her own resolutions for 2011 -- while making some great points about what networks to avoid, and why.

And Eric Gould, proving that "Life is really real" (private joke: yes, Pat Fishe, this is your life!) by isolating and celebrating the convincingly real characters in some of his favorite scripted shows.

And finally, Ed Bark, not only smartly enumerating the Top TV Developments of 2010, but writing brilliant headlines to go with each. NPR's sudden, reactionary dismissal of Juan Williams, for example, is headlined, "Juan Is the Loneliest Number." You go, Uncle Barky.

It's great writing from some truly great writers... and all in one place, right here at TV WORTH WATCHING. Which, when we're on our collective games, could also be called TV CRITICISM WORTH READING.

To all these contributors, and all the others, I say thanks for a great 2010, and for sticking around to play some more in 2011. New correspondents are just around the corner, but I'm proud of, and thrilled by, the ones we have.

Read the latest columns by the two Dianes, the two Eds and by Eric, and you'll see why.


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Neil said:

DB, I'm thrilled to read that my modest suggestion of early last year, to install a "Next" link and keep one day ahead on your daily Best Bets, is finally going to come to fruition. As I wrote at that time, it's only one day of pain, and then the amount of effort for subsequent days is a wash. But for your readers, it's a big boon to have access to your recommendations in advance.

(Now if your website design team could only implement a "comments" feature on individual recommendations...)

BTW, as far as that NFC West playoff game tomorrow, I'll remind you that the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants (sorry, just had to throw that in one last time) were nobody's serious pick for World Series contender, much less winner, as late as last August. That team caught fire and came from the middle of the pack all the way to #1 in only a couple of months. So while the NFC West may suck, it's always possible, and not unheard of even in the annuls of football, that a wild card team will make it to the Superbowl.

[So YOU'RE to blame for my heavy conscience, and extra work... Thanks. But, seriously, thanks. And a comments spot for the BETS indeed IS on the horizon... but the horizon is far, far away. -- DB.]

Comment posted on January 1, 2011 3:44 PM
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