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‘In These Uncertain Times’ TV Advertising Certainly Has a Method
April 27, 2020  | By Eric Gould  | 12 comments

The fact that you’ve named all your backyard squirrels might not be the only tipoff that quarantine has turned your brain a dull, middling Groundhog Day-like automat, with all the nimbleness and creativity of a doorstop. 

But you’re not alone.

TV advertisers seem to be much in the same boat with little to market, other than hey, they’re people, too, with nothing much to do – since no one is buying.

Much like the virus itself, that mental fog has encompassed copywriters and producers since, inevitably, their spots now fall into the psychic zombie sphere of the apprehensive homebound and their inaccessible marketplace, where their customers now live.

Enter this YouTube supercut of current Covid-19 commercials (now with 1,00,000 plus hits) showing that there is a method to advertising during even the worst of economic and health disasters.

Cue somber piano, reference to decades of business but we’re family -- and my favorite head-exploding line, “In these uncertain times,” we will be there for you.

So, newsflash, marketing and advertising can still edge on soulless mediocrity, going the paint-by-numbers route even when this scale of panic and suffering demands much more than a feel-good piano line.

Well, we get the hype and gloss-over from certain huckster politicians, so really, no surprise here.  

Like them, in these uncertain times, we probably shouldn’t expect much more -- we’ll have to ponder the 50,000 gone in two months, and the dumpster fire economy all on our own.

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Jan 5, 2023   |  Reply
I love it when armchair critics rail about issues they know little about. I'd love to see what "unique" and "creative" ideas these jokers bring to their respective industries during a pandemic. At least these businesses show awareness, are trying to keep their doors open and pay their employees. What are you doing besides grousing and sitting on your couch with your feet up eating chips and drinking your favorite beverage that someone advertised to you?
Apr 29, 2020   |  Reply
Thank you for reading, Omer... nope, mostly in an office chair these days, and as for carbs, never touch the stuff.
Apr 30, 2020
When the books about these days show up(few will gain readers,outside of Billo Reilly's Killing Oil),how advertisers handled all of this will prove fascinating. One question-I thought cable set up national ads and local cutaways,with the cheapest rates going to national ads when the local outlet has nothing to sell. That is one way the asbestos ads fill up so much time. Who would have thought that Toyota Jan would re-enter the spotlight as Toyota seemed to diminish her presence. Quite effective. PSAs-public service announcements(freebies) seem to fill of lots of unsold time. The "don't smoke" and .gov ads are on in place of Joe Namath(a good thing). Are ads more expensive on broadcast with reportedly more viewers(not everyone can afford Netflix)? Less expensive because there is little to sell(Wendy's breakfast rollout which was starting just as things went bad, has to be as ill-timed as an O.J. Simpson ad for PPE gloves:"If they fit.ya gotta git."
Apr 28, 2020   |  Reply
Together, really?
Then it's their turn to do the dishes..

They're really showing how much Advertising is a checklist creation.
AI is on its way! Poof!
Apr 27, 2020   |  Reply
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