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Hooray! TV Worth Watching Is Back Online!
July 26, 2015  | By David Bianculli  | 14 comments

As I hope you realize by now, TVWW has been down all week, following a server crash and other technical nightmares. But we’re thrilled to report that, like the mythical phoenix, or a baking loaf of bread, or the focus of a successful porn-film fluffer, we have risen…

TV Worth Watching is back!

Thanks, first and foremost, to our own multi-tasking Eric Gould, who took point during disaster mode after our server, and our backup server, both were reported as hacked and severely compromised.

At first, it seemed as though we had lost everything since the site had launched in 2007. Everything. Then, until a day or two ago, it seemed like we’d recovered everything but the most recent year or so of content prior to last Tuesday’s sudden tech meltdown.

But Eric, after exchanging countless emails with technical experts old and new, managed to pull all the rabbits out of his hat, alive and well. And from this point on, we’re working with a new company, and a new, dedicated server, so this sort of soul-crushing emergency should not recur in the future.

(Instead, in time, we’ll come up with some new, different soul-crushing emergency. That’s just the way I think. Then again, my house burned down after being hit by lightning, so I’ve come by that worst-case-scenario perspective honestly.)

Linda Donovan, too, worked patiently and tirelessly behind the scenes to help us restore and replace our missing entries – and we’ve pulled it all together, apparently, just in time for the 2015 Television Critics Association press tour, where Ed Bark, among others, will be out there in California reporting for us, starting with his piece from Tuesday’s Netflix press conference. The press tour lasts for weeks, so check in often.

And behind the scenes as our latest Managing Editor, shepherding all our writers through this latest incarnation of TVWW, we have a great new addition: Jim Davis, my old boss at the Philadelphia Inquirer, who has agreed to come aboard for the ride, and has been quietly helping and helming us for weeks now. We would have introduced him formally before this – and still will soon, with his introductory column – but our server meltdown got in the way.

Anyway, we’re back. And so, so grateful to say that. Remember, since we've switched to a new server, you may have to refresh or replace your bookmarks and browsers.

Many, many, many thanks to those of you who kept in touch with us, via Twitter and/or Facebook, as we posted daily Best Bets and website disaster updates. Here’s how important you are to us at TVWW: When we thought all our material was lost, the one element we agonized over losing the most was your recent comments about how you found, and use, and value the site. Turns out we didn’t lose those comments after all.

And we all hope, despite an unexpected and blood-pressure-raising enforced hiatus, we didn’t lose you, either.

Welcome back. We couldn’t be happier to be here.

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Meeting your article has been a great help to me.
It's late, but I'm so proud to see your post even now.
I always support your writing

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Feb 14, 2023   |  Reply
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Jan 27, 2023   |  Reply
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Apr 28, 2022   |  Reply
Michael Mara Strauss
Welcome back indeed. You were sorely missed by this fan. Hackers be damned we need to think of a suitable punishment/solution. I missed out on Tut. Hopefully Netflix will pick it up.crash free regards.
Aug 1, 2015   |  Reply
Welcome back! You were missed!
Jul 30, 2015   |  Reply
scott cogan
First, Andy, you are way out of line. Get a life. David, was totally lost without you.
I went into tv shut down mode. There is no other site to get even close to the valuable insight you offer. Your recs are the only ones I listen to. Glad to have you back!
Jul 29, 2015   |  Reply
Yay! Was it really only one week? I admit it I was lost without TVWW. To make things worse my DVR crashed and I lost all shows, and reminders for what I had been recording. These last few days I resorted to reading books...not necessarily a bad thing but TVWW has become an everyday ritual I sorely missed. I'm sorry you had to deal with 2 hacked servers. Glad it turned out much better than it could have been. Thank you, team TVWW.
Jul 29, 2015   |  Reply
margie s
Welcome back! I missed you . . . But even with the searching out where you were hiding for the past few days, I was still able to recommend 'my guys' to all my friends.

You find the best stuff.
Jul 28, 2015   |  Reply
Linda McGovern
Sooooo glad you are back. I look at your website every day. I don't do twitter. Cudoos to Eric Gould, who used to write in St Louis.
Jul 28, 2015   |  Reply
FYI,no need to join Twitter or Facebook to look in at David's TVWW messages. I,too,do not participate in these new-fangled social media thingies and am cell free,that is,cell phone free.(That's me walking down the street or driving while actually paying attention to my surroundings,making sure you %&$# kids stay off of my lawn). I don't DVR and long for the day my cable company,the Big Ten Network and Comcast bellies up. But unable to visit TVWW for days-aagghh!
Jul 28, 2015
Andy Roberts

Have been a big fan of yours since your days at the NYDN. Many of your suggestions and recommendations have become amongst our favorite shows. However, the reference to pornography and an adult sexual act in this missive is most distasteful. We have younger members of our household that read your website and find that content offensive and inappropriate. We appreciate your attempt at humor, but it wasn't really funny. If you are going to continue posting content that needs an "adult" warning, then we will look elsewhere for TV worth viewing.

Jul 27, 2015   |  Reply
David Bianculli
Dear Andy, Guilty as charged. And sorry. I was so giddy that we'd gotten the website back, I let my enthusiasms run away with me. Now that we're back, we've also got a new Managing Editor, who will protect me from my most questionable lapses of humor. He's Jim Davis -- and when I worked for him at the Philadelphia Inquirer in the Eighties, he did that as part of his job description. So please stay with us. And for having young ones who read us too, special thanks...
Jul 27, 2015
Welcome back.......so smart to post best bets on facebooka,
Can't do without ya!
Jul 27, 2015   |  Reply
J.M. Vargas
Hip, hip, hooray! Don't do this again. What do I look like, Pavlov's dog? ;-)
Jul 27, 2015   |  Reply
Carol Eklund
Hooray! Huzzah! Yippy skippy! Thank you Eric and Linda et al!
Jul 27, 2015   |  Reply
Jay Gold
It's so nice to have you back where you belong, as the song goes.
Jul 27, 2015   |  Reply
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