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Can Disney’s Belle Save Fellow Heroine Bo, from NBC’s ‘Believe’? Believe It or Not, She’s Trying…
June 14, 2014  | By David Bianculli  | 22 comments

The final episode of NBC’s Believe airs Sunday… unless you believe. That series, and its inspirational young heroine, are the object of a rescue mission by another famous heroine: Belle, from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…

Technically, the one damsel out to rescue another is singer and actress Paige O’Hara, who gave voice to Belle in 1991’s Beauty and the Beast animated classic. She’s such a fan of Believe (9 p.m. ET),  and of the central young character of Bo (played by actress Johnny Sequoyah, left), that she even contacted Disney to beg that ABC pick up the show now that NBC has canceled it. That should ring a bell at Disney, when Belle rings them…

“I called Disney’s TV arm, and asked them to please take a look at it,” O’Hara told TV Worth Watching yesterday, laughing at her own boldness. “Because I can – I’m Belle!”

When told that it sounded very Disney that one heroine would go to bat for another, O’Hara admitted, “It is very Disney. But I’ve never done this before – I’ve never gone on a campaign for a TV show before, ever. I just really fell in love with this little girl, and the characters around her.”

Asked why Believe resonated with her so much, O’Hara (shown here, at right, with Shania Twain at left) had an instant response – a better synopsis of the show than NBC had provided in its own press releases.

“Predominantly,” she explained, “it’s the character of the young girl Bo, who’s 11 years old and has telekinetic and clairvoyant powers that are so powerful that she’s got mad scientists trying to take her to use her for evil reasons. She’s also got the government wanting her.

“It’s a battle of good and evil, the show, and she’s the epitome of goodness. What’s so wonderful is that every single episode, she’s running for her life, and she’s being protected, but she uses her powers to save someone. She has these visions of somebody that’s going to die, or needs her or whatever, and so she puts her own life aside to save that person or that family.”

One of Bo’s protectors, played by Jake McLaughlin (“a brilliant actor,” O’Hara says) is William Tate, who learned this season, along with viewers, that he is Bo’s biological father. That revelation is another reason O’Hara is hooked.

“I just want the show to continue,” she admitted. “Every single week, I find myself riveted by it. I’m totally attached to the father-daughter relationship, and the way that those characters have grown together.”

Her fondness for Believe, however, is more than personal. Though it’s been more than 20 years since Beauty and the Beast, new generations of youngsters keep drawing inspiration from the independent female character of Belle, and O’Hara has never stopped witnessing, and even strengthening, that connection.

(A gifted artist, she eventually collaborated with Disney on an ongoing series of paintings inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Her signed works are available at the Renaissance Gallery in Las Vegas, for which she hand-embellishes every piece. An example is seen at right.)

O’Hara sees the value of Believe through young eyes, even if NBC doesn’t.

“Think of it,” she said. “It’s the only show out there that really has a true heroine for young girls. A show that parents can watch with their kids – and I’m talking young kids as well. There’s scary stuff in the show, but there’s never blood and gore – it’s not at all like that.

“It’s definitely a show where children can learn, and have this character Bo as a true role model, a true heroine. It’s not like she’s goody two-shoes perfect: She’s got a little bratty side to her, and she’s very funny. But ultimately, she is selfless, and she will do anything to save people.

“If Disney were handling this program,” O’Hara concluded, “it would be a hit. It’s not being promoted. NBC is not giving it the respect it deserves. If it had the right network and the right promotion behind it, I firmly believe, for little kids, it would be the TV version of Frozen and The Hunger Games.”

Ask not for whom the Belle tolls. This time, it tolls for ABC…

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Finally a drama that we can watch with our 7yr. old. She was so upset to find out it was cancelled. To make it worse, the show got even better after they cancelled it. Nbc doesn't keep anything decent. If for no other reason, they should give Jake McLaughlin another season considering he is a decorated veteran who is now a talented actor.
Jul 1, 2014   |  Reply
Yes, Please save it! And thank Paige O’Hara, love you!!!!
Jun 23, 2014   |  Reply
I've been trying to find out how to do more to get the networks' attention, but don't know what else to do. I can't even find how to help Ms. O'Hara. I'm thinking it's pretty much over. It's not like the actors will be just sitting at home waiting for a network to call them back because they changed their minds about cancelling a show.
Jun 19, 2014   |  Reply
Absolutely love this show. I was so sad when I heard it was being canceled. So glad that Paige O’Hara and others are fighting for it. Please save this show. Its the best show on TV!!!
Jun 18, 2014   |  Reply
Brenda. Elliott
Please save the show please
Jun 17, 2014   |  Reply
I have been trying to save this wonderful show as well by using hashtags and posting them to NBC and Twitter. I really hope this works because it is a fantastic show! C'mon ABC.....I challenge you to give it a shot. You would be my hero!
Jun 17, 2014   |  Reply
I wish NBC would save Believe. It's such a terrific show. There wasn't enough publicity for it. Johnny is a wonderful actress. Loved the father/daughter relationship.
Jun 17, 2014   |  Reply
Great job by Paige O'Hara! She is absolutely right that this is a great show and a good show for kids to give them a great role model to look up to. Too bad NBC doesn't know how to promote a series....I'm surprised the Blacklist hasn't been canceled yet. Renew this show. Do the right thing NBC.
Jun 17, 2014   |  Reply
Save believe. It's a good hearted show. Why can't good hearted dramas make it I'm today's age. Me and my 3 year old son watched it and he enjoyed it. Please save it Disney or someone .
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
My son and I love love love this show. Thanks for trying to save it! There's so few good role models for children on TV today. This show really needs to be saved and given a second chance. I am rarely compelled to post like this but I do love Believe.
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
Please don't end this show, it's great! It just has to catch on
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
Katharin Vieregge
THank you Paige for trying to save this show. I love it too. It's one of the most positive shows out there with great cast. Thanks to TVWorthWatching for the aricle to draw attention to it.
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
Kelli Diaz
Yes thank you I hope they listen !!!
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
melissa lyons
Thank you Paige my family loves this show and we're all disappointed that it has cancelled. ABC please pick it up!
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
Michele Firkus
Please keep this wonderful show going! There is no other like it! Thank you Paige O'Hara! Keep fighting for this great show and amazing story line! Please ABC be our hero! You can make this how a hit!
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
Louis Hoelbling
Thank you Paige O’Hara! I hope her support is enought to cancel the cancellation! GO BO!
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
Kim nagle
Please pick up this show ABC!! My family and I look forward to watching this show every week. It is a very special show. Please pick it up.
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
susan mcivor
Keep believe please ... it is special
Jun 16, 2014   |  Reply
Amy richman
Way to go Paige!! I truly support this and I Believe" in believe as well!! Helping to support this show and you!! Good luck !!
Jun 15, 2014   |  Reply
Come on ABC, give Believe a second season. With a better times slot and day, the viewers will be there.
Jun 15, 2014   |  Reply
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