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December 29, 2014  | By David Bianculli  | 5 comments

TruTV, 10:00 p.m. ET


SERIES PREMIERE: I’m not recommending this, necessarily, but it’s certainly worth noting, as television’s first reality-series musical of sorts. It takes place in Branson, MO, the place where show-biz performers past their prime come to perform for aging, enthusiastic audiences. And it concerns the Baldknobbers Jamboree, the unfortunately named family revue that has operated in Branson for 55 years. That’s an astounding feat of show-business longevity, but understandably, the Mabe family business is a little frayed around the edges, and looking to survive by injecting some “new blood.” This sets up some unpredictable auditions, and even an All About Eve subplot, with one veteran singer, Megan McCombs, feeling threatened by the younger, obviously ambitious Heather Gentry. And sometimes, when these folks air their grievances to the camera, they do so in song – which is weird, but, you have to admit, different.

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I started watching because I lived in that area several years ago & we owned a family restaurant in Harrison, but after watching this I am so glad I never had to deal with Megan McCombs talk about a bitter manipulated person who supposedly wants the best for the show she may want to consider trying a little harder to get along with all the family not just Brandon & he better get a prenup or that girl will take him for everything I mean in the opening she states she knows how to manipulate to get what she wants her words. Usually the one that blames others of wrong doing is the one who's actually doing the deed. Sad this should have been about how families work together to create their success instead it comes off like a hillbilly soap opera.
Mar 28, 2015   |  Reply
mark Daniels
i watched this show and what a waste of time what do you have a filthy slut that wreaks marriages and families that has hardly any talent to much makeup and looks like a clown the whole damn bunch with there out dated acts and songs what a bunch of has beens and losers no wonder they have to make a bunch of asses of them selfs selling some trash story cause they sure don t have any signing talent used up has beens dump the dark haired slut no buddy likes marrage wreaking sluts besides there own kind
Feb 2, 2015   |  Reply
David carp
Having been to Branson and Even seen this and other shows, one of the things that struck me as odd is that I didn't feel that there was any kind of "introduction" to the actual show that put on several times a week! I mention this because their show in Branson is actually a quite entertaining and funny, while the show is the opposite. I would have thought the producer would have put more into making us, the TV shows audience respect the family and what they work so hard to do! There's none of that! I'm not suggesting to show entire performances on the TV show, but this was basically just making a mockery over some stupid jealousy that has nothing to do with the Macabes live show!!! Then, when they sing their thoughts! Omg, I almost turned it off! They might be treading new water here with this whole singing their thoughts thing but there's probBly a reason that this has never been done before! It's weird and it's goofy! Make it more about the hard work they put into entertaining us!
Jan 2, 2015   |  Reply
This show does the very opposite of what was attempted. Horrible show, makes this family look very desperate and fickle. Huge mistake.
Dec 30, 2014   |  Reply
Sorry guys. Branson famous, stupid and boring!!!!
Dec 29, 2014   |  Reply
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