TCM, 6:00 a.m. ET

TCM has so many Humphrey Bogart movies on tap that it has no problem filling the day, as well as the night, with his films. So at 8 p.m. ET, to launch prime time, the network has a brilliant double feature. It’s a pairing of two movies featuring two very different boats, and two extremely different characters, both played by Bogart: the weathered, rumpled boatman of 1951’s The African Queen (pictured, with Katharine Hepburn), and the stiff, paranoid officer of 1954’s The Caine Mutiny. The Big Sleepat 2 p.m. ET, followed at 4 p.m. ET by 1948’s The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

CNN, 9:00 p.m. ET

Last week’s scheduled episode of The Movies, devoted to The Sixties, was pre-empted, and for a horrible reason: CNN’s breaking news coverage of last weekend’s tragic mass shootings. (It’s the shootings that were horrible, not the network’s coverage or programming decisions). CNN has rescheduled The Sixties for tonight, and I’ll be very relieved if we get to see it. Movies that ought to be covered in this installment include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangelove and Lolita, as well as films directed by someone other by Stanley Kubrick. Films such as The Graduate, Bonnie and Clyde, Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia, The Producers, Mary Poppins, Goldfinger, Barbarella, and A Hard Day’s Night.

HBO, 9:00 p.m. ET

SEASON PREMIERE: It’s interesting, and maybe even a little scary, that two of premium cable’s drama series tonight are built, tangentially or overtly, around the media and political reach and muscle of Rupert Murdoch. The Loudest Voice, on Showtime, features Murdoch as a recurring character in its story of Fox News and Roger Ailes – and tonight’s Season 2 premiere of Succession, on HBO, continues its story of a Murdoch-like tycoon patriarch.

Showtime, 9:00 p.m. ET

Last week’s episode ended with Jackie (Kevin Bacon) seeking revenge for his daughter’s sexual assault – and accomplishing it, in a sudden and brutal fashion that should shift the tone of the rest of the series. What a moment. What a climax. And tonight, in this season’s penultimate installment, what happens now?

Showtime, 10:00 p.m. ET

MINISERIES FINALE: Tonight’s episode, the miniseries’ final installment, takes us, and Fox News and Roger Ailes, to 2018, and to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Russia, are you watching?

HBO, 11:35 p.m. ET

Last week, with almost no time to prep, John Oliver hosted a powerful show suggesting a link between political rhetoric and last weekend’s mass shootings. After a week of reactions to those deaths, and a day of reaction to the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, how will John Oliver structure and focus this week’s show? I have no clue. But I’ll be watching…
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Mary Bolduc
The key word for "New Girl"'s writers might be "lazy." Creating a plot point around the title character's alleged obsession with a hard-to-identify-with movie like "Dirty Dancing" just seems like a very weak joke. So many actors then were more lovable than Patrick Swayze of "Dirty Dancing," for one thing. Her fictional attachment to that movie just doesn't work. The beginning of that episode put me off so much I don't want to watch more.
Aug 17, 2019   |  Reply
Tonight (Tuesday) on my local PBS are hours two and three of « Family Pictures ». Having enjoyed the « North Carolina » hour, I’m looking forward to these and urge others to find them.
Aug 13, 2019   |  Reply
Tonight (Tuesday) on my local PBS are hours two and three of « Family Pictures ». Having enjoyed the « North Carolina » hour, I’m looking forward to these and urge others to find them.
Aug 13, 2019   |  Reply
Giving advance for Wed. 8/14 TCM 24 hrs. of Liv Ullmann. Many interesting choices that rarely make it to TV,including a lengthy 2012 documentary involving Ingmar Bergman,who directed Liv in 11 films and was her lover,1965-70. But I'm spotlighting a stinker,earl AM:Lost Horizon,the 1973 musical film based on an interesting book(James Hilton) and a classic Frank Capra 1937 film(7:45AM). This dud ruined the Burt Bacharach/Hal David songwriting team,almost ruined Columbia Pictures, ended "roadshows"-expensive films that had advanced ticket sales and nearly ruined the all-star cast. In 1973 my future ex & I celebrated our first night out after the birth of our first child. We saw the roadshow version,including horrid dancing(prancing?,maybe shuffling) and all,and left midway. We disagreed on much over the years,but agreed about this dismal film. George Kennedy in an airplane-what can go wrong? Enjoy the positive reviews at and wonder what drugs were used when viewing.
Aug 12, 2019   |  Reply
8/11-TCM has 12-count 'em-12 Humphrey Bogart films and not one dud,save possibly Passage to Marseille,which,at its worst,is merely pretty good. The Leonard Maltin reviews on the TCM website has 11 of them 3 &1/2 or 4 star rating,and I would move exchange a star or two around a few(Caine Mutiny is overblown). Only 2 Bogey & Bacalls and it still is a great schedule. 6:15PM-In A Lonely Place,with Gloria Grahame. Such a vanilla title for a multi-10 commandment breaker.
Aug 11, 2019   |  Reply
Of course, a paper on Cleopatra's sister in a Modern European History class would probably get an F.
Aug 6, 2019   |  Reply
Odd that(I believe)TCM never showed Star Wars:A New Hope till 7/30 and,less than 24 hours later,shows it again tonight. Why? Last night was the conclusion of TCM's month long exploration of space travel movies.Tonight is part two of a celebration of Fox. This,as Disney gobbles up the Fox film catalog. Some Star Wars fans also noticed that Disney renamed this film as merely "Star Wars:A New Hope",eliminating the numeration system George Lucas assigned the series."A New Hope" was Episode IV-now that has disappeared. Possibly to dilute the I,II & III episodes that received mixed reviews. Still no mention if the pre-1997 version will ever make it to theatrical release,TV or DVD. Will Disney use the old version for the new Disney Plus?
Jul 31, 2019   |  Reply
Agree Galaxy Quest is a lot of fun with Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen, but you forgot to give a shout out for the late, great Alan Rickman!
Jul 30, 2019   |  Reply
Kathy Muisiner
David...thank you for sharing the Trailer of the Fred Roger's movie and the link
to see him receive his Lifetime award. I must say, that there was a smile in heaven from Christy when you shared this. He was "special" to her and her "Mom"..Kathy
Jul 28, 2019   |  Reply
Leila L'Abate
Why no mention of the new "Veronica Mars" David reviewed very favorably on "Fresh Air?"
Jul 24, 2019   |  Reply
1960's The Time Machine-Leave it to director George Pal,creator of Puppetoons,to know how to capture the imagination of kid thinking of time travel by focusing on a clothing store window and the rapidly changing styles of women's clothing. He spent the money needed to create what I consider the best Saturday matinee ever. The monster Morlocks were scary to this 8 year old,as well they were supposed to be. Oh,and a fine Scottish accent from Alan Young-so good he used it to voice Scrooge McDuck in the first batch of DuckTales,after success on an LP of Mickey's (Mouse) Christmas Carol. Young also never pandered to kids.
Jul 23, 2019   |  Reply
Will there be more episodes of BettervCall Saul?
Jul 23, 2019   |  Reply
It seems like Better Call Saul was on ages ago so I had to check when it last aired. Wiki says the last show was in 8/2018. I wonder why the longer than usual wait times for a new season. Does anybody know?
I sure do miss Vince Gilligan's incredible talent and the actors in BCS.
Aug 3, 2019
As per Wiki,filming began this past April. No exact premiere date set,but it will be some time in 2020.
Jul 23, 2019
7/21-TCM had a Tom Hanks double feature-Sleepless In Seattle and A League Of Our Own. James Stewart comparisons from Ben Mankiewicz-its TCM,where Stewart reigns.
7/22,the first trailer for Hank's biopic as Mister Rogers-A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood drops. Hanks nails it as Rogers and the excuse for a plot is a reporter,possibly jaded,succumbing to Fred's universal message like a 5 year old. Obvious? After the last week of phony namecalling and back pedaling from leaders without ethics,we need Fred now more than ever. Releases Fri.11/22. I can't wait to see the other shoe drop and Tom, as Fred, gets his sneakers on. Crowdfunding a ticket forcing blowhard Stephan Miller to watch? I'd toss a few bucks. Nate Heller,with few credits, is in charge of the Johnny Costa-style piano on the soundtrack. Sounds good to me.
Jul 22, 2019   |  Reply
For everyone looking in vain for Season 2 of "Trapped" rejoice -- it's now on Amazon Prime.
Jul 13, 2019   |  Reply
Yay! Finally! Thanks for the heads up.
Jul 18, 2019
Kathy Ingrao
I don't want to watch Years and Years - I'm living it! Woe is me.
Jul 8, 2019   |  Reply
I've had that exact same thought jan, more than once.
Aug 3, 2019
I know exactly how you feel! I'm in the middle of the last episode, and I can hardly stand it. Makes me wish I were young enough to be a revolutionary.
Jul 30, 2019
I know exactly how you feel! I'm in the middle of the last episode, and I can hardly stand it. Makes me wish I were young enough to be a revolutionary.
Jul 30, 2019
Hank, in spite of the fact that he was unknowingly after Walter White, was a relatively sympathetic character. When he was shot and severely injured and when he was dealing with his wingnut wife we felt sorry for the guy. Mary Louise is just plain creepy. And I know we're going to find something out about her other son's death that makes her seem even creepier. I don't see any connection between the two characters.
Jul 7, 2019   |  Reply
The Tour de France starts today and takes place all month. Today and tomorrow the race is in Belgium to honor Eddy Merckx, who first raced the Tour in 1969.
Jul 6, 2019   |  Reply
I do think 1939 was a great year for movies (although a good case could be made for 1927 with Sunrise, Metropolis, The General, and Duck Soup) and some recently argued for 1999 (with Being John Malkovich, The Matrix, American Beauty, Galaxy Quest. The Thin Red Line and Fight Club). Of course, Casablanca was released in 1942 and was popularized by being shown finals week at Harvard and later rerun many times on network television
Jul 6, 2019   |  Reply
I can't be first who caught error so glaring it seems intentional to have Casablanca as a 1939 film. Test to see if anybody is rally reading?
Jul 5, 2019   |  Reply
Manoa Kahuna
Please try to mention the details of not only when a show will air but where. I'd never heard of the Simple Heist and you didn't tell me where to find it. Thank you.
Jul 3, 2019   |  Reply
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