NBC, 8:00 p.m. ET

The Battle Rounds continue – and in this second week, continue to escalate in drama because each time a judge uses a “steal” to save, and inherit, a rival team’s losing candidate, there are fewer reprieves in play the rest of the way.


TCM, 8:00 p.m. ET

Tonight’s a marvelous night for movies on television. It begins with this moody, emotional, utterly beautiful 1980 black-and-white drama, starring John Hurt as John Merrrick, the disfigured man who is discovered in, and rescued from, a Victorian freak show. This film was produced by Mel Brooks for his new Brooksfilms company, and he kept his name off all publicity when the movie was released because he didn’t want it incorrectly anticipated as a comedy. (That also, by the way, explains the presence if his wife, Anne Bancroft, in a small but breathtakingly touching supporting role.) And Brooks, as producer, hired as director someone with no major feature-film experience: an unusual, and unusually gifted, young man named David Lynch.


Sundance, 9:00 p.m. ET

Sundance Channel, tonight, presents a double feature that would have been one of the ultimate double features for my then-teen daughter: The Princess Bride, followed by Labyrinth. First up: This 1987 delight, adapted by screenwriter William Goldman from his own novel and directed by Rob Reiner. Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Christopher Guest, Chris Sarandon, Andre the Giant – and don’t forget Peter Falk and a young Fred Savage – help make this flawless fantasy film the 1980s generation’s family-film equivalent of The Wizard of Oz.


Fox, 9:00 p.m. ET

In this episode, the mutant rebels plan a surprise attack to rescue one of their own – which has a woman with unusual powers and purple hair teaming with a girl with unusual powers and blonde hair to rescue a woman with unusual powers and green hair. If this series isn't sponsored by Clairol, it should be...

Sundance, 11:00 p.m. ET

This 1986 film by the late, great Jim Henson is about a teenager (played by a young, already beautiful Jennifer Connelly) who wishes ill upon her baby brother – a wish that is granted by the Goblin King, played magnificently, and maleficently, by the late, great David Bowie, leading Connelly’s Sarah to find a way to save herself, and her baby brother, from the goblin Gareth’s clutches.

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I just want to say, thank you to all who contribute to this wonderful and very helpful site. Kudos!
Oct 23, 2017   |  Reply
George Ashur
"I wouldn’t be surprised if the former presidential candidate gets preferential solo treatment, and gets to talk to Norton alone. Power, even when not fully realized in the electoral college, has its privileges." -- Why has Hillary Clinton concluded that she is necessary to our lives? For the love of God, woman, would you please exit the stage?
Oct 21, 2017   |  Reply
Hillary indeed goes solo on the show. Exit the stage? When the DNC or folks running for office do not want her helping,then she might shrink away. But as long as Real News is labeled Fake by those in power,her voice is necessary. Look what happened when Obama returned to campaigning the other day:"Four more years!" We have not heard the last from them. Their kids will be part of the scene as well. For the love of(your deity here),please keep fighting the good fight. Let's start with gerrymandering,voter intimidation,with a goal of having all voters counted in every election by using 21st century technology instead of 18th century standards.
Oct 22, 2017
For better or worse, I don't imagine HRC's going anywhere anytime soon.
Oct 21, 2017
The George Michael: Freedom ‘documentary’ is a farce. Why? Having seen it on Channel 4 in the UK last week, I can tell you it's got real issues of honesty. For instance, (1) the complete omission of anything about Fadi Fawaz, Michael’s partner when he died, and Andrew Ridgeley, Michael's Wham! partner; (2) audio with Michael scattered with fake audio of a guy who sounds like him, but isn't (credits read, “Simon Rutter as George Michael.”) putting into doubt the accuracy of the quotes; and (3) a film produced by Sony Music, who Michael sued, can only be watered down to make Sony look better than they came out. As the Guardian reviewer put it, “(it’s) like seeing that a documentary on Brexit (that) has been funded by the European Union.” Want more reasons? Read The Guardian review at...
Oct 21, 2017   |  Reply
Game 7,ALCS. C.C. Sabathia,Yankees,vs. Charlie Morton,Astros. Game 3,same matchup,in NYC, was a big win for the Yankees. Verlander,who pitched Fri's Astros gem,is possibly available. Heck,everyone is available,including old popcorn vendors like me. Should be lots of scoring on both sides,for a change. Has Fox had only one post season game on the broadcast network? Even tonight, it is FS1 for baseball,while college football is on Fox. Kansas @TCU,while Michigan @ State Penn on ABC and NBC has USC @ Notre Dame,so a Simpsons marathon might fare better.
Oct 21, 2017   |  Reply
Tonight's NLCS info needs the obvious caveat: game 6 & 7 will be played in L.A.-if necessary. We can only hope,if only to skunk a Dodgers-Yankees World Series that makes Fox go nuts with ratings-it will be like Hannity & Billo for a week. Last night's Cubby win and Joe Maddon's ejection for being right will certainly awake Chicago fans,but it is indeed "back against the wall". Meanwhile,The Daily Show is in Chicago this week and Ronny Chieng did a great segment on Chicago style deep dish pizza,how it sucks and how to get the best pizza in the Chicago area---where else,but the Cook County Prison.
Oct 19, 2017   |  Reply
Also, sometimes the site posts stuff shown during the day, and by the time I can check the site (typically in the evening) it is too late to set a DVR. Posting the previous night would be a big help.
Oct 18, 2017   |  Reply
what no mention of ALCS Yankees game 5PM?
Oct 18, 2017   |  Reply
TBS, 3:30 p.m. ET

Fox Sports 1, 8:00 p.m. ET

Check your times.
Oct 17, 2017   |  Reply
Keith Robin
The actual cablecast times according to are:
Game 4
5:00 pm ET
Game 3
9:00 pm ET
Oct 17, 2017
Who knew that the best post season announcing would be on MLB Network. Bob Costas & Jim(Kitty) Kaat-65 & 78 yrs. old. They understand baseball on TV. Lots of pictures,not lots of words. Sad that Ernie Johnson isn't involved more for MLB on TBS. At least Pedro Martinez shows up in the studio panel. Those fortunate to get ESPN Radio get Dan Schulman & Aaron Boone for the NLCS-now that's talkin' baseball. Yankee fans still get the laughable John Sterling & Suzyn Waldman who ruin your entire season on radio.
Oct 16, 2017   |  Reply
10/11-TCM DVR alert! Tonight and 10/12-George Pal. Creator of some of the best animated shorts-Puppetoons-pioneering stop-action with wooden parts,sometimes 5,000 per 7 min. short. The Puppetoon Movie(10:00PM),is a celebration of those shorts,some made as commercials for European movie houses to sell radios-but as dazzling as any animation you've seen. His John Henry and Tubby the Tuba are classic! But the evening begins with The Fantasy Worlds of George Pal(10PM),a 1985 overview primarily of his live action productions,many of which show up these nights,including his masterpiece,The Time Machine,1960,@1:15AM.
Without George Pal,no Star Wars,no Indiana Jones,no Speedy Alka Seltzer,no Pillsbury Doughboy(honest). Gumby introduces-honest. The Puppetoon Movie gets a second showing Thurs./Fri. @4:30 AM. Blu-ray and DVD packages of the movie have lots of extra material,including early Dr. Seuss.
Oct 11, 2017   |  Reply
Keith Robin
Thanks, Mac. I've been a big fan of George Pal's work since I was a youngster.
Oct 11, 2017
There hasn't been a new entry in the "Shows We're Watching" in a long time. What gives? Nothing new worth seeing?
Oct 11, 2017   |  Reply
Sandra Henry
Caught your interview with Terry and wanted to tell you that I, also, was blown away by Death of a Salesman aired on TV years ago. I don't watch much TV any more but do collect choice mini-series on DVD.
Oct 6, 2017   |  Reply
Matt Alpern
Yes, I was too young to see the original production.. but have never forgotten
seeing "Death of a Salesmen" on broadcast television in the 1960's.
Oct 7, 2017
Guess it's being skipped this year.....
Oct 6, 2017   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
Apologies, Tom. We decided to approach the 2017 fall season exclusively through reviews this year. Judging from your comment, perhaps we made a mistake. Thank you for asking...
Oct 11, 2017
I was in a record store the other day and while the store was playing Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits,a true radio/records guy proclaimed Paul Simon's solo output amounted to nothing. I had to walk to another part of the store. Start with the first solo single,Mother and Child Reunion and there is nothing but adventures in listening. Graceland?The most important U.S. LP in the '80s. The styles new for most ears,the great musicians,the videos,the tour(chronicled on video),the politics-it is the '80s. Simon has trucked his catalog from Columbia to Warner Bros. and back to Columbia. One of the most re-released albums in modern times,there are CDs that contain bonus tracks as well as vinyl reissues and a box set with CDs,DVD and vinyl combined. Simon created a World Music section in stores with this release.
Oct 4, 2017   |  Reply
>>"This 1979 Woody Allen movie may be most remembered, and perhaps uncomfortably, as a love letter to May-December romances, with Allen portraying a New Yorker pursuing a high-school girl played by Mariel Hemingway."<<

Ya know, Woody was born at the end of 1935, and so was 43 (maybe 44) when Manhattan came out. And a year or two younger when it was being filmed. As one sexagenarian to another, DB, this was a May-August relationship at best. I'd like to think that October is the new December. (Otherwise, WHYY ain't letting a Decemberist like you spray spittle anywhere near those expensive Neumann mics they use.)
Oct 2, 2017   |  Reply
Former co-founder? Did Kurt Anderson somehow unfound Spy magazine?
Sep 29, 2017   |  Reply
Redford & Fonda go way back 51 years to 1966's The Chase,a Marlon Brando vehicle. Next up,just months later,Neil Simon's Barefoot In The Park. Redford starred in the Broadway production in 1963,directed by Mike Nichols. Elizabeth Ashley was the female lead onstage and Natalie Wood was supposed to star in the film(after two Redford/Wood movies). Barefoot proved to be a smash for Simon and he wrote the screenplay. This is one of those '60s colorful New York comedies that show up often on TCM's Sun. afternoons. Like The Odd Couple,great Neil Hefti music and a TV version(this one failed).
Sep 29, 2017   |  Reply
Agree completely that The Orville feels more like the original Star Trek, and is more enjoyable than Star Trek: Discovery. Hope this show continues to go where it seems to be going.
Sep 28, 2017   |  Reply
Inside the NFL tonight could indeed be interesting. Basically a mouthpiece of the league.Since Roger Goodell was given feint praise by John Oliver by stating that Trump "lost the moral high ground to Roger F***ing Goodell,something is horribly wrong."
Sep 26, 2017   |  Reply
Groat cakes again? Heavy on the thirty weight, Mom!
Sep 25, 2017   |  Reply
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