PBS, 8:00 p.m. ET

Season 3 of Downton Abbey, featuring Shirley MacLaine, doesn’t premiere until next year – okay, January 6, but still, it’s a wait. In the meantime, here’s a new special, a retrospective that will remind fans what we’ve been missing, and initiate newcomers to what’s about to come. Angela Lansbury hosts. Check local listings.

CBS, 9:00 p.m. ET

Last week, Judd Hirsch guest starred as a judge, and gave a typically complex, captivating performance. This week’s new episode presents another guest star who can be counted on to provide the same: Stockard Channing, playing Veronica, the meddling mother of Julianna Margulies’ Alicia. This is her first appearance, but I’m already betting she’ll make more.

AMC, 9:00 p.m. ET

Last week’s episode was a strong and pivotal one, taking several formerly disparate story lines – the prison, the Governor’s compound, the nomadic Michonne, Daryl and his brother – and weaving them, like a DNA strand, into one. And it left us with Rick, coming off a mental crisis that was cleverly scripted, staring through the prison fence at a wounded, wordless Michonne. But when she does speak, it’ll lead to a collision of the two camps, and, perhaps, to the two brothers.

Lifetime, 9:00 p.m. ET

This is not a recommendation in terms of quality – but this new Lifetime telemovie is fascinating in its own creepy way. It stars Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton. Bowler is convincing in the part, but Lohan isn’t, not for a second. And that becomes fun to watch, in a way, especially when the 1960s show-biz romance wallows in knowing allusions to the present. When the celebrity supercouple is chased by photographers, Lohan’s Taylor shrugs them off as a temporary nuisance. “They’ll find someone else to stalk,” she tells Burton. “You think?” he asks. Drolly, Taylor replies: “Yeah, I think.” And so they have. And while Lohan doesn’t improve her image with Liz & Dick, it has its moments, or at least its seconds. It’s written by Christopher Monger, who wrote the screenplay for one of the best telemovies in recent years, HBO’s Temple Grandin. For a full review, see Ed Bark’s Uncle Barky’s Bytes.

Showtime, 10:00 p.m. ET

Last week’s episode ended with a cliffhanger that left us up in the air – or close to it, as Brody (Damien Lewis) was driven to a remote wooden clearing, with a helicopter appearing from nowhere. Its passenger? The elusive, manipulative and very dangerous Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban).
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4/24-TCM Primetime salutes screenwriter I.A. L.Diamond,best known for director Billy Wilder's co-writer on truly funny films with underlying dark themes. 8PM is The Apartment-a perfect storm of love & adultery in 1960's MadMen New York. Jack Lemmon plays the low level schlub working in a skyscraper where he sees his unrequited love everyday,elevator operator Shirley McClaine. Add to Jack's troubles -he lets the biggie execs use his apartment for their extramarital trysts.The biggest exec is slimy Fred MacMurray(this, during Fred's goodie two shoes My Three Sons/Shaggy Dog era). Diamond & Wilder create the storm around this triangle,winning Best Screenplay. Five Oscars total including Best Film and Director Wilder.Later a Neil Simon/Burt Bacharach/Hal David Broadway musical,Promises,Promises,with Jerry Orbach in Lemmon's role. Sean Hayes & Kristin Chenoweth starred in the 2010 revival. Shut up and deal.
Apr 24, 2018   |  Reply
4/17- Keep your dial(Grandpa-where's the "dial" on this remote? set on TCM after Casablanca for :10PM :Mildred Pierce-Joan Crawford.Midnight:Yankee Doodle Dandy-James Cagney.2:15AM: Life With Father-William Powell. 4:30AM :The Sea Wolf-Edward G. Robinson. All great! Different genres. All directed by Michael Curtiz from 1941-47.
Apr 18, 2018   |  Reply
Why does no one seem to be watching Legion except you and my family? It is the most amazing show on television in this timeline and many others. Please keep spreading the word!
Apr 17, 2018   |  Reply
Thats 1.6 million You Tube hit,but you knew that.
Apr 17, 2018   |  Reply
I have been an infrequent follower of SNL since mid-season 1976,so without seeing every bit,the 4/14 Lobster sketch just seemed to me everything great about SNL,outside of topical humor. I was expecting a cheesebooga or Samurai-style but rewarded with an overdue skewering to bloated Broadway of the '90s,including a plug for Tina Fey's Mean Girls-what Broadway should look like. Story is that the sketch has been incubating since 2010 from Mulaney & Yost. Another sketch from 4/14 was hidden since '09. What else is hiding in the drawer? Game show parodies are too easy. This is Emmy worthy with 1.6 You Tube hits in less than 24 hrs. Brilllianttt! On a personal note-on Sunday I ordered the broiled seafood combo in a diner and still paying the price. Where are my Tums?
Apr 17, 2018   |  Reply
Another Mac comment-three on the same day-bad luck for you or me?
A sleepless night found a George Burns/Gracie Allen episode from 1953(evidently also on You Tube:"Gracie Takes Spanish Lessons". Another comic giant missing in 2018- the non-sequiturs of Gracie Allen. Deportation is a major plot line here,so,even with the non-PC antics of George,there are threads of modern times. Imagine an SNL sketch with ICE meeting Gracie. Trump vs. Gracie? Who need borders when the Blockhead- In- Chief meets Gracie's ideas of who should be in the country and how our tax dollars gives us rights to be deported. Hilarity ensues.
Apr 14, 2018   |  Reply
Mulaney on SNL-even the teasers during the week have that dry Mulaney touch. Shirley Temple,straight up. joke would be lost on the WWE USA crowd. And Trump. Mission Accomplished,redux.
Apr 14, 2018   |  Reply
Re-TCM showing Lolita 4/14@ 3PM. I was just about to highlight that TCM seems to be slipping in some 'toons that they have rights to, on Sat. mornings,mixed with their serials and oddball two reelers. And then I noticed Lolita @ 3PM as extra goodies for the kiddies on a Spring afternoon. Another great film for the youngins' precedes- Anatomy Of A Murder,which started as I write this. That Lee Remick,she is such a role model for teens. You thought her baton twirling in A Face In The Crowd was inspiring? All kidding aside-six hours of classic black & white '50s-'60s films that are more than a little ambiguous about sin and consequences. If you missed them,TCM shows them often ,but the double-feature aspect is worthy of Essentials prime-time pairings.
Apr 14, 2018   |  Reply
Linda Feeney
The last episode of Homeland (#9 ) was so ridiculous, unbelievable and insulting to our intelligence that the Useful Idiots are those of us watching.
Apr 9, 2018   |  Reply
Goeff Bal
Agree completely. Hospitals do not have security cams? A federal witness in protection with no guards in or by his room? Another TV show that lost its way and should have ended last season.
Apr 10, 2018
It's worth remembering Chuck McCann,a comic actor who died yesterday. Baby Boomers growing up around NYC saw Chuck supply hours of inventive fun on kiddie shows,many times along side puppets. Puppets were a low budget plus of live kiddie shows. Puppets drew the attention of kids and needed no animation to provide laughs. Rubber face Chuck was a natural foil for puppets. As a long time Laurel & Hardy fan,he impersonated Ollie many times,alongside even Stan Laurel himself and L&H superfan, Dick Van Dyke,and in lots of commercials. It is commercial work that most will remember Chuck. He was the voice for Sonny,who was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.Chuck surprised many a tenant opening up their medicine cabinet with a cheery,yet troubling,"Hi,guy!",on the other side,pushing deodorant. Once Groucho Marx once showed up on the other side of the cabinet. Chuck did lots of TV,many a voice on cartoons and a persaonal favorite St. Elsewhere episode,"Sweet Dreams",aka the ZZ Top episode.
Apr 9, 2018   |  Reply
That,too,Matt. A shame he was West Coast based later in his career as the Law & Order franchise was New York based. While hopefully not going against his kiddie performer persona(many "good guy" actors loved going against type on L&O,so.thankfully,no "evil clown" roles),Chuck could have fit in many L&O scenarios: crime victim,heartbroken dad,patsy in schemes devised by the bad guy,blue-color father of one of the cops or lawyers,etc. while adding pathos and NYC credibility.
Apr 9, 2018
Matt Alpern
And, Chuck McCann was superb in a very lovely movie version of "Heart is the Lonely Hunter."
Apr 9, 2018
I tried to watch Killing Eve, but bailed because of the obtrusive and extremely annoying music. The phrase Insulting My Intelligence came to mind.
Apr 9, 2018   |  Reply
Give American Idol another chance. I herd none of the meaness from the judges oddly mentioned by one of your commentators. Unlike the last few seasons of American Idol, where they had Idol Bots, singers with great technical proficiency but not much heart or soul, the new reboot is all about heart and soul. Even formerly plastically emotionless Ryan Seacrest gets a chance to be heartful, and to hug contestants. Many of the top AI singers this tear are much more moving than most of The Voice singers, who are getiing a little Voice Bot-ty...None of the AI judges are as beautifully and deeply and pacefully centered as Alicia Keys, nor as entertaining as Kelly CLarkson, nor as verbally astute in their assessments, but they drawbetter contestnts, and share more moving stories about them....
Apr 7, 2018   |  Reply
Oops!! You've confused Tracy Morgan with Tracy Jordan!!
Apr 3, 2018   |  Reply
4/3-TCM fetes Michael Douglas with a lengthy interview with Ben Mankiewicz from last year's TCM Classic Film Festival @ 8PM with a repeat @11:30PM. In-between-two Douglas vehicles:China Syndrome @ 9:15PM and Romancing The Stone @ 12:45AM. Douglas co-produced both films,and though China Syndrome shows up often on TCM's schedule,Romancing The Stone is a rarity. More than a passing nod to Indiana Jones at least Danny DeVito is fun and features Kathleen Turner.
Apr 3, 2018   |  Reply
FYI, "The Middle" takes place in Indiana, not Ohio. I love that show and am sorry this is its last season.
Apr 3, 2018   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
We know better, Jan, so thank you. We're sorry it's ending, too. David would like you and anyone else who read the error to know he spent three years working in Akron and conflated. And apologizes.
Apr 3, 2018
I made the mistake of watching The Crossing as a preview on Hulu before any reviews came out. Big mistake. Agreed this series should not be recommended. Is it the nature of network television to take an interesting premise and ruin it with the rehashed plot lines? To bad, this idea had such potential.
Apr 3, 2018   |  Reply
Jason Gacek
How did King in the Wilderness not get mention as a Best Bet? I know I'll be watching.
Apr 2, 2018   |  Reply
I'm on episode 6 and all I can say is, wow! Why isn't anyone talking about, Looming Tower? Maybe, it's exactly for the reasons talked about in Ed Bark's review.
Even before I read his article I was thinking about what to watch and I noticed how I almost subconsciously thought about watching something other than Looming Tower because it's so dark. And I like dark shows... It also feels very realistic. Which makes sense considering what it's about. But they've managed to figure out how to make it *feel* real. I'm not doing a very good job selling this series. Ah, well. I hope people give it a try. First the Hand Maiden and now this. Keep it up, Hulu.
Apr 2, 2018   |  Reply
I'm surprised "Jesus Christ Superstar" wasn't a Best Bet. It was likely the best production of it since the 1970 LP.
Apr 2, 2018   |  Reply
Oh man! You got me on Roseanne Roseannadanna! ACK!
Apr 1, 2018   |  Reply
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