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Wanna Buy 'Brooklyn Bridge'? Let's Try One More Time...
June 24, 2013  | By David Bianculli  | 39 comments

Gary David Goldberg and TV Worth Watching shared a love of quality television — including Goldberg’s. His own personal website, for years, has linked to a story on TV Worth Watching by Tom Brinkmoeller, bemoaning the lack of a DVD release for one of Goldberg’s finest series, Brooklyn Bridge.

With the news of Goldberg's death, we here at TV Worth Watching feel it’s time to do more than bemoan — and to be active. So what we pledge to do, in the coming days and weeks, is mount a campaign to persuade some home-video distributor — collaborating with them, if necessary — to get Goldberg’s semi-autobiographical 1991-93 CBS comedy Brooklyn Bridge released on DVD at last.

And the first step is to do the social-media equivalent of collecting signatures, asking what sounds like an old con but actually is a sincere query:

The question is, Would you buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

If you would, tell us so, so we can count you among the eager fans waiting for such a release. And, if you like, tell us why, because what we’ve heard from people who love this show is that memories of it are as fond as they are strong.

The more of you who respond, the better case we can make in trying to make the Brooklyn Bridge DVD a reality, in honor of Gary David Goldberg’s memory, and legacy.

Please, leave your comments below, and we'll keep you posted on our efforts.


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I see The Brooklyn Bridge tv series for sale for $20 on sell.com. I want to know if anyone has bought this from this company and can tell me the quality of this dvd set that sells for $20. Sell.com will not reply when I ask them if the dvd set has any artwork or comes in dvd sized boxes with the artwork. Can anyone help with my question. thanks, Brian
Jul 30, 2018   |  Reply
Steven Bernstein
I just had a all of my old VHS tapes digitized and on one of the tapes were nine episodes of Brooklyn Bridge. I now want to be able to watch the other 24 episodes and share this truly wonderful television program with my children. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release Brooklyn Bridge on DVD.
Nov 25, 2013   |  Reply
Mary L. Gold
I would definitely purchase the DVD. It was a great show !
Nov 19, 2013   |  Reply
Mary L.
Yes I would definitely purchase the DVD. It was a great show !
Nov 19, 2013   |  Reply
Benita Kelly
Yes, I would buy Brooklyn Bridge on DVD -- I loved that show! One of the last great TV shows in my opinion.
Aug 7, 2013   |  Reply
Melody Holzman
I, too, would buy it as soon as it was offered. A great show that deserves to be available for viewing.
Jul 29, 2013   |  Reply
I would buy the first day the set was offered.
Jul 29, 2013   |  Reply
Linda M
Brooklyn Bridge was a quality show which I would like to be able to watch again as well as watch with my grandkids. Please consider seriously making this fine program available on DVD!
Jul 20, 2013   |  Reply
bill h
I grew up an avenue and a street from Gary. We were the same age. We played basketball at ps205 (He was good, he shone. I, ...sigh, was the guy he shot over and drove past). The series was a clear reminisce. The grocery store, the stoops, the street ball. Let's watch it again!
Jul 13, 2013   |  Reply
Mary M
I would love to see this series again. Loved it.
Jul 2, 2013   |  Reply
Yes, I would definitely buy the DVDs. And I'm going to tvshowsondvd.com right now to request it.
Jul 2, 2013   |  Reply
Meredith McCall
I would absolutely buy these dvd's.
Jun 30, 2013   |  Reply
Meredith McCall
I would absolutely buy these dvd's.
Jun 30, 2013   |  Reply
maggie in NJ
An already established means of "collecting signatures" is at www.TVShowsonDVD.com. Years ago, "Firefly" fans flocked there to vote for a DVD release of the series, and the fact that it was the #1 requested show on that site got the studio to go ahead with a release.
Explanation of the voting process is at http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/votingfaq.cfm.
I voted for a Brooklyn Bridge release years ago....it has about 600 votes now, but TWW readers can elevate that number in no time.
Jun 29, 2013   |  Reply
Lisa C in WPB
Thank you so much Maggie in NJ! I am going there as soon as I finish this and register my vote! I guess I will find out when I get there, but can you vote more than once?
Jun 30, 2013
R Adams
Most definitely. Great show. A classic.
Jun 29, 2013   |  Reply
Lisa A. Cuningham
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! Please count me in. I have been searching desperately all over the internet to find and buy the entire Brooklyn Bridge TV series for a very long time now. Whom do we all need to contact to get it released as a DVD? I will contact them. I will definitely buy the entire series the minute it is released! I LOVED THAT SHOW and I'm not Jewish. I want to own it, not watch it online. Let me know how I can help the cause.
Jun 29, 2013   |  Reply
Sharon Stewart
So many touching, poignant moments in Brooklyn Bridge. The Jackie Robinson episode is our favorite.
Jun 28, 2013   |  Reply
Sharon Stewart
My first thought when I heard he had passed was: Maybe NOW they will release Brooklyn Bridge on DVD! It almost happened about 5 years ago, then did not. :((
I would definitely buy the DVD, full series or individual seasons. Absolutely one of our top 5 favorite series ever.
Jun 28, 2013   |  Reply
Mike Royce
Yes I would love to buy this! Never saw it but by all accounts great work and definitely by a great man.
Jun 27, 2013   |  Reply
My family loved that show. Didn't matter if we aren't Jewish, their lives shared a lot of what ours had as kids. Please get it released. Such a treasure!
Jun 27, 2013   |  Reply
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