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RATINGS: Network Shows' 2010-11 Season Rank
May 30, 2011  | By Diane Werts

So how did your favorite broadcast series do this past season? The folks at must-read site Deadline Hollywood have posted the entire Nielsen rankings list for 2010-11 -- that's 141 shows/time slots -- with results reported in both total viewers and the ad game's key age 18-49 demographic.

As the Deadline post notes, it was a bad year for new falll series, with the highest ranked being Monday's CBS hammock-fortunate Mike & Molly, tied for No. 26 in demos.

Midseason entries did better, in general. NBC's surprise competition fave The Voice [photo at top] landed the season's No. 4 rank in demos, proving that it never hurts to premiere when everybody is already sick of everything else on the air.


ABC's midseason entry Body of Proof zooms up to No. 14 in total viewers -- the highest ranked new series there -- from tied for No. 45 in the key demo. That means the drama starring Dana Delany [photo at right] is drawing big among age 50+ viewers. Also big with older viewers: Kathy Bates' NBC hour Harry's Law, a fine No. 26 in total eyeballs, from tied for No. 63 in the key demo.

Younger viewers are powering The Voice (it drops to No. 20 in total viewers), as well the continued success of mainstays like Modern Family (tied for No. 5 in the demo, No. 24 in total viewers) and House (tied for No. 13 in the demo, No. 40 in total viewers). It's the opposite for CBS' perennial 60 Minutes (No. 12 in total viewers, tied for No. 59 in the demo).

Take a look at the entire list, and let us know what you see . . .




Eileen said:

I'm surprised to see my two favorites so low on both lists: 30 Rock and Law & Order: SVU.

Yes, they have both been on for awhile, especially SVU, but they still have the best casts on TV.

Alec Baldwin's Jack has the best comedic lines ever written for a tv character; his delivery is simply pitch perfect. I frequently watch the following day just to be sure I've caught everything. I just love this show and all its characters. When Kenneth is given the spotlight, he truly shines. Ditta for Sherry Springer's Angie. Everyone is just delightful.

And SVU... What woman out there in TV land hasn't wanted to be "questioned" by Detective Stabler? We all do!! I can't imagine this show without Chris Meloni. And I can't believe he's never won an Emmy, as he's given some really great performances over the years.

Mariska's Olivia is one tough chick, but, of course, with that heart of gold. Another terrific actress who turns in great performance after great performance. Jennifer Love-Hewitt in no way, shape or form can replace Olivia.

It's a shame they haven't expanded B.D. Wong's character. The few times he's been featured have been excellent. B.D. has quite the resume, having started on Broadway as M Butterfly, for which he won the Tony Award. Who can forget his turns as "Howard Weinstein" in the Father of the Bride films?

Sorry to see that reality TV has put such a dent in real entertainment. And it doesn't look like the reality well is drying up anytime soon. With junk like "Mob Wives" and the like being thrown at us, I continue to shudder. Thank God for Netflix Stream.

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