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Crossing That "Brooklyn Bridge" When We Come To It
August 12, 2010  | By Tom Brinkmoeller  | 1 comment

[Bianculli here: Back in May, contributing writer Tom Brinkmoeller posted a column that may well have generated more comments than any single TV WORTH WATCHING post. It was about the oft-delayed DVD release of Gary David Goldberg's classic Brooklyn Bridge comedy series -- and with this report, Brinkmoeller updates the story...]

Picture of 'Brooklyn Bridge' DVD Release Still Shrouded by Fog

A little more than two months ago, I wrote about the DVD release of a former series -- rather, a strangely constricted DVD release of a former series. Brooklyn Bridgeis that series, and the story detailed the obstacles standing between series creator Gary David Goldberg and CBS, which owns the video rights. Since then, I've tried to keep in touch with both sides in this impasse, in the hopes of reporting a resolution.

The bad news: The ball seems to remain in CBS's court, and if anything has transpired, they are keeping it very quiet. The not-as-bad news: I will stay on this mysterious story and will report any changes as soon as they happen.

brooklyn-bridge-food.jpgBefore you check out the link to the story and the 50 comments it has received since it was published, consider this query, one that I learned of very recently:

"Here we are, sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee, searching the web, and wondering why we cannot find DVDs of the Brooklyn Bridge! Although the series ended years ago, we have never lost our love for the series. As you can guess, Mom and Dad grew up in Brooklyn; we moved to Long Island when I was five.

brooklyn bridge cbs.jpg"So. What are the chances that we will be able to purchase the series on DVD? Dad Is 90 and Mom, 85. Time is of the essence!"

With all the unfunny material that passes as good sitcom on TV, where, oh where, is the Brooklyn Bridge?"

Many of the comments readers have posted to the original story reflect the same frustration quotient, though not as poignantly. The writer quickly responded to a request from me to reprint her comments:


"Of course, you may certainly use my email and name in any follow-up story. If the neighborhoods in Brooklyn were anything, they were personal; so, why shouldn't an article about Brooklyn Bridge be so, as well? Having said that: personally, my favorite episode was the one in which the Jewish and Irish Catholic families are getting ready to meet each at some agreed-upon restaurant while West Side Story's 'Rumble' plays. It was clever and poignant on every level: comically, musically, dramatically and educationally... in a 'woid,' great TV. -- Sincerely, Carolyne Lundberg"

Should you care to read the original story again and/or read dozens of passionate reader posts (50 at the time of this posting), click HERE.

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steven stollof
With all the trash out there. You CBS will not allow a BEAUTIFUL STORY as BROOKLYN BRIDGE to be on dvd so all can watch and go back in time to get away from all the social media and garbage that is out there. CBS, Get off your ass and release the BROOKLYN BRIDGE SERIES.Political or not. Good T.V. should be shown
Apr 16, 2017   |  Reply
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