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Bianculli's Binges
March 16, 2020  | By David Bianculli  | 3 comments

The pandemic has affected all our lives, as we strive to avoid catching and spreading the coronavirus. And as more people stay home to avoid crowds and contact, TV and binge viewing become more prominent options. TV Worth Watching, so far as it can, would like to help…

Everything is changing so quickly, we’re not sure how much we can do, or for how long, or for under what conditions. But speaking personally, I’m feeling so helpless about so much else right now, that even attempting to try to help someone else a little – in the tiny, weird way I know how, and still can, from the isolated safety of my home – is something I’m grateful to be able to try.

So on both this TV Worth Watching website and our YouTube channel, we’ll be distributing periodic recommendations for programs, series and other streaming options you can watch without leaving your home. Tips to entertain young children who are desperate for distractions. Things to watch from the most popular sites, as well as some of the more obscure.

We don’t want to be perceived as talking advantage of a bad situation – just of trying to give a little solace, and some solid recommendations, (such as The Good Place, top) during a tough time.

Let us know what works for you, what you’ve liked – and, to help us help others, to recommend binge offerings of your own. That may be the best thing we can do, to count on each other to spread the word, and the best possible viewing options.

We’re all in this together…even when we’re trying to go it somewhat separately.

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Early on in the pandemic you mentioned here or on NPR a series that was a detective series from outside the US that captured your attention like the Wire which was high praise. Am I imagining this? Searching for your recommendation. Thank you.
Aug 15, 2020   |  Reply
Heartland; Everything's Gonna Be Okay; Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist; The Great British Baking Show on Netflix; Gomorrah on Netflix; Ragnarok on Netflix; The Court Jester (movie, one of my favorites, but I laugh every time I've seen it, and I've seen it hundreds of times); La Reina del Sur (Seasons 1 and 2, 60+ episodes per season--I'm in the second season now); Country Music by Ken Burns if you can find it.
Mar 20, 2020   |  Reply
David Bianculli
Great suggestions, Jan. Thanks. And I'm starting to watch old movies more than ever, so I agree with you. -DB
Mar 21, 2020
All of my comments involve broadcast,cable or DVD,due to how our entertainment budget is divvied up. Cue Springsteen's 57 Channels. Knock out the shopping channels,all thing religious and sports besides baseball and there are still a few things to watch. Binge? I'd rather watch 4-5 hours of different shows. That is how I always consumed TV. A drama,a sit-com,news,occasional game show,baseball-lather,rinse,repeat. Something to think about;something mindless.
Channels involving Weigel Broadcasting are both interesting and frustrating. Lots of old shows and movies. Horrid commercials-Joe Namath,I'm looking at you. Decades,H&I,MeTV,Movies! & Start TV-all problematic but part of the broadcast/ cable package around here. Online schedules are frustrating,but once you get into the groove,you may find some goodies. I miss the Catheter Cowboy ads.
Mar 17, 2020   |  Reply
David Bianculli
Dear Mac: You're one of our valued regulars, so keep the ideas coming. Sorry about baseball, for now, probably not coming back on schedule. But for now, on PBS streaming sites, Ken Burns' Baseball is being shown for free. -DB
Mar 21, 2020
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