Showtime, 8:00 p.m. ET

This is Episode 2 of this nonfiction miniseries about Ronald Reagan and family, telling how someone could ascend from a second tier of show business to the White House. And it wasn’t the only time.

TBS, 8:00 p.m. ET

It used to be an annual TV event. Now it’s available more readily, even if you don’t have a copy at home or can’t find it on a streaming site. TBS is playing this 1939 musical classic a few times this week, and The Wizard of Oz always is a treat to watch, whether or not you have kids around to watch them watching it. After all, there’s no place like home – especially now.

TCM, 8:00 p.m. ET

One of the funniest and silliest movies ever made, especially about a political revolution led by a band of anarchistic lunatics. Woody Allen stars in this 1971 movie, one of my favorites.


HBO, 9:00 p.m. ET

Tonight, the trial begins – just after last week’s climactic teaser in which Hugh Grant, as the doctor and accused killer, said he had some ideas about who really killed the woman he was standing trial for murdering. Is it too much to hope that it’s a one-armed man?

Showtime, 9:00 p.m. ET

DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE: John Belushi’s life, career and legacy are examined in this new documentary. Coming right on the heels of Showtime’s documentary on The Comedy Store, it’s been a good month for revisiting classic comedy – and classic comics. For a full review, see David Hinckley's All Along the Watchtower

TCM, 9:30 p.m. ET

One of the funniest and silliest movies ever made, especially about a political revolution led by a band of anarchistic lunatics. The Marx Brothers star in this 1931 movie, one of my favorites.

FX, 10:00 p.m. ET

Fargo is close to ending – and based on last week’s episode, is determined to get even more audacious and complex as it nears the end. So strap in – and tune in.
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Ken Rehfield
Don't know what to watch tonight. Had to scramble for something yesterday! David, come back!
Mar 7, 2021   |  Reply
Hope DB's okay. It's Saturday evening, almost 7 pm EST, and Friday's Best Bets are still showing up. This is pretty atypical.
Mar 6, 2021   |  Reply
Poor review of Behind Her Eyes. Seriously who would want to watch that twice?! The paranormal BS was a little much. Very disappointed in your raving review. The entire concept of the cheating friend and husband was really rather disgusting. Wish we hand the watched it once!
Mar 4, 2021   |  Reply
Robin, I could not agree more. DB way oversold this utterly mediocre limited series. The big reveal at the end that was supposed to be the payoff not only was not worth the build up, it was made possible by several plot twists that were unconvincing in themselves. The script was awash with cliches. Any credibility DB had with me was completely blown by his exaggerated praise for this TV definitely not worth watching!
Mar 8, 2021
I totally agree. I was wary about the show before hearing his review, but his enthusiasm convinced me to try it out. I could barely make it past the first episode! After reading about the eventual plot twist I’m glad I didn’t stick it out.
Mar 7, 2021
David M Blair
I want to add a 2 thumbs down for "Debris" which is an apt title. In particular the soundtrack is so annoying that I turned the show off after the first commercial. Also, the senseless amount of rapid edits is pointless and with the sound buries the show.
Mar 3, 2021   |  Reply
Lizzie Brown
I’m very surprised by your enthusiasm for BEHIND HER EYES. I watched it with great interest for the first 3 episodes and then i felt irritated and almost wanted to laugh at how ridiculous the story became. I loved the actors but truly am disappointed with your comments. I confess i have not read the book.
Mar 3, 2021   |  Reply
In regards to your 2/28 comment on the one-sidedness of Allen v Farrow, isn’t this a chance to see Farrow’s side and rebut the 2020 Woody Allen book? Audio from his book is included so that viewers can dig deeper into his biography if they are interested. As well-respected as Allen is as a filmmaker he, like some other notable entertainers, is deeply flawed personally.
Mar 1, 2021   |  Reply
I have shamelessly depended upon you for years and often get the credit for pointing people to great shows that I've learned about on TVWW. I missed you during the hiatus and will also say how much your work is appreciated!
Feb 23, 2021   |  Reply
Glad you’re back! We miss you when you’re not here. Hope all is well. Your work here is appreciated!
Feb 22, 2021   |  Reply
Glad to see you’re back to touting best bets, and best wishes to David!
Feb 22, 2021   |  Reply
I hope this is David posting and I hope you are feeling 100%!

You’re always my go to for tv recommendations! I’ve missed you!!
Feb 21, 2021   |  Reply
Welcome back!! I'm Shanni, nice meeting you!
Feb 21, 2021   |  Reply
Pat Shelton
In retrospect, David had been appearing daily for 365 days. Thank you, David!! A constant in our now very constant shut-down lives. Of course, your comments were entertainment. Sometimes noted something I'd thought I'd like. But since I'm smitten with British, Australian, even French police procedurals and you act like you get paid to eclectically watch everything (maybe you do) you provide a rich diversity to my cultural awareness. Nice replacement but we miss you. Love, Pat
Feb 18, 2021   |  Reply
Derek Johnson
I'm constantly telling my wife that we have to check out a new show because David Bianculli likes it--wishing him a speedy recovery from his technical difficulties!
Feb 18, 2021   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
Thank you, Derek! His technical difficulties are becoming much less difficult. He should be back next week.
Feb 19, 2021
I just found this website, I am curious if daily content gets updated? Thanks in advance
Feb 18, 2021   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
Usually, Shanni, yes. Unfortunately, the Founder and Editor who does daily Best Bets has been out of commission for a couple of weeks. That should change next week. Welcome!
Feb 19, 2021
John Coleman
i cannot imagine that it is impossible for another writer to assume the Best Bets "mantle"...isn't there like ten people in the TVWW masthead? none can be bothered with this? wow...
Feb 17, 2021   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
We didn't anticipate David being out so long, and most of those names listed on the masthead are not full-time. Though we're grateful for their contributions! If all goes well, David should be back next week.
Feb 19, 2021
Sandra Dandrade
David could have just said that "I need a vacay from you people!" Did not have to
get himself 'sicked up," as the Brits describe it.
Feb 11, 2021   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
Thanks for the laugh, Sandra!
Feb 11, 2021
I take it a "technical tap" to shake up the loose vacuum tubes and soldered connections would be insufficient.

Wishing David a complete and speedy recovery.
Feb 11, 2021   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
We'll give it a shot, Bob. I mean, you don't know unless you try, right? Thank you -- for the idea and the wishes. We'll pass both along to David.
Feb 11, 2021
Sandra Dandrade
Elise was/is speaking for many thousands of us.
Feb 10, 2021   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
Thank you, Sandra. It means the world to us. Especially David. We'll be sure to let him know.
Feb 10, 2021
Uh oh..... get well soon!! Hope all isn’t too serious!! ??
Feb 10, 2021   |  Reply
Linda Donovan
Thank you so much for your concern, Elise. So far, so good. We'll be sure to let David know of your good wishes!
Feb 10, 2021
Just wanted to say that we really enjoyed “Resident Alien,” which we wouldn’t have known about if not for this site.
Jan 29, 2021   |  Reply
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